Breakfast At Bills Brighton

imageIf you’re from Brighton and you’re a foodie like me you’ll surely be familiar with Bills and the heaven on earth that is their breakfasts.

Bills Brighton is tucked down at the bottom of North Road. It isn’t in your face and from the outside it’s easy to miss as the colouring is pretty dark. But when you go in it’s a total contrast, always busy, bright and bustling with life. The floors, tables and chairs are wooden and the walls are lined with shelf after shelf, stuffed with jars and bottles and jars of all the different wonderful produce that Bills offer.

(FYI Bills DO offer an amazing lunch and dinner menu too however I am just going to concentrate on their breakfasts for this blog. Who knows, maybe I’ll review their other options at a later date!)

I tend to opt for the Bills breakfast, which offers Cumberland sausage, free range fried eggs, toast, smoked streaky bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms. You can also add baked beans, black pudding and potato for £1.50 and less to your meal. If fry ups aren’t your thing though, fear not; pancakes, porridge, eggs Benedict, vegetarian breakfasts and breakfast smoothies are also on offer to name but a few.

If your budget is a bit low, don’t worry either because the majority of the breakfast options Bills offer is under £8. Their fresh orange juice is also to die for, and they have a heavenly selection of cupcakes to choose from as well in their glass display. You can purchase any of the items that shrine the walls that may tickle your fancy as well.

All in all, it’s a perfect breakfast venue to visit with friends, as a couple, with family or even to visit by yourself. Not only are the ingredients fresh and free range, but the breakfasts are delicious as well. You will seriously notice the difference when eating your average cheap late night cafe breakfast once you’ve had a Bills breakfast. The flavours, texture and presentation puts every other breakfast you’ve had to shame. It’s my first port of call for birthdays, hangovers and every other occasion which I fancy a bloody good morning meal.

All my love BGP xx