3 Primers; Which Was My Favourite?

imageI am a makeup junkie as you probably are all fully aware of by now, and am willing to try pretty much any beauty product there is available in order to locate the best of the best.

For those of you who don’t know, primer is a product you apply to a clean, makeup less face before you start with foundation. There’s all different types available which specialise in certain areas of skincare and finish, but their main purpose is to keep makeup on, provide a flawless and smooth base, and blur imperfections and pores.

The first one I trialled was the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer which costs £29.00 in most retailers.


Now I am obsessed with most Lauria Mercier products; I reach for my Translucent Powder more than most people reach for a glass of water, and their Camoflauge Concealer compact is also a personal favourite. However I was so sad that this primer did not impress me at all, sadly. The main issue was that it made me break out massively.

I’ve only ever suffered with the odd spot if I’m due on and this primer completely changed my skin and I just felt awful. I doubt this happens to everyone as I’ve seen some great reviews on it, but it just did not work for me unfortunately.

I also wasn’t a big fan of the consistency; it’s very thick and a pale yellow kind of primrose colour, and I found it too much for a primer. Once applied I already felt like I had a layer of foundation on which I didn’t like the feeling of at all.

The wearability was okay, it did oxidise my foundation a little bit and my T zone did become rather oily but I’m used to that.

This wasn’t what I expected I was going to find with this primer but I doubt everyone will. If you want a heavy duty primer then give it a go, just be careful if you’re prone to breakouts and have very sensitive skin.

The next primer I tried was MAC’s Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage retailing at £21.00.


I am a massive MAC girl and always have been, but I was never sure if base products were their fortè. I adore their lip and eye and cheek products, and their concealers too, but found their foundations especially Studio Fix a little bit thick for my liking so I was worried their primers would be too.

Anyhoo, I picked up Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage in the MAC shop and couldn’t wait to take it home to have a go with it.

I was so so pleased with this primer; it’s a white lotion type consistency and it’s so lightweight and easy to blend with fingers or a stippling brush. It’s quite sticky once blended onto the skin, but that becomes unnoticeable once foundation and other product is applied. I found it to really smooth my complexion and it made my pores barely noticeable.

It kept my makeup on for pretty much most of the day (obviously I had to do a few touch ups of bronzer, lipstick etc because who doesn’t) but other than that I was good to go. I had never thought to go to MAC primer wise but I’m so glad I did!

The third and final one I trialled was The Body Shop’s All-In-One 5 Action Perfector Insta Blur which was the cheapest of them all and cost £14.00.


Now I hate to say that I judged a product before I actually used it, but with this one I did. It is hands down the strangest and most unusable consistency I have ever experienced in a product before. At the end of the blog I will show a photo of each product out of it’s tube/bottle but right now I’ll do my best to describe it with just words.

It’s a grey/white translucent and thick formula, which you can roll into a ball with your finger tips and it doesn’t stick to you, it just takes off on it’s own accord. This genuinely had a life of it’s own and would just fall off my fingertips and face as I tried to apply it, it was almost bouncy. It was also ridiculously hard to blend; it would still be in lumps on my face long after I had gone at it with both a beauty blender and a stippling brush – and my fingertips too at times! I found that when I was applying product on top of it, the primer still hadn’t absorbed and so my makeup was patchy and of a weird consistency on sporadic areas of my face.

As for the wearability, I wasn’t concentrating so much on that as I was more concerned that my pores were very noticeable and my makeup was looking quite patchy in different areas, but what I did document was that it was below average; in the areas it wasn’t already patchy in, it was beginning to come off throughout the day and when I tried to reapply, the primer made it come out a completely different colour and also a weird consistency.

I’m afraid to say I didn’t rate this primer at all which is annoying as I haven’t actually tried any other Body Shop beauty products and this has sort of put me off.

Below is a picture of each primer out of their bottles/tubes, left to right Laura Mercier, MAC and The Body Shop;


I hope this blog helped you make an informed decision but which primer is best for you! Obviously I’ve only made a splash in the ocean as there are hundreds of primers out there, but this was just a small step. I’ll be doing lots more blogs like this in the upcoming weeks and months!

All my love BGP xx