Makeup Forever HD Foundation Review

imageI’ve wanted to try this foundation since I first swooned over hearing Kimmy K used it. And anything that girl uses,  I want. It immediately went onto my never ending makeup wish list (that thing is longer than the queue at Primark on a Saturday afternoon).

I knew it was going to be difficult to get hold of it because as far as I knew only Sephora stocked it and I didn’t really have the disposable income to get on a plane to New York or Paris just to pick up a foundation I’d been lusting after (come on UK, sort yourselves out and open up a Sephora!).

My friend told me there was a beauty sale on at Debenhams. imageAs I was scrolling through, it suddenly stood glowing at me; Makeup Forever HD Foundation. And the world had been good to me as I had saved up a lot of Debenhams beauty club card points as well. Kachiiiiing. The only tinsy tiny issue (okay, big issue) was colour matching myself online, a hard fete even for the most hardcore of makeup junkies (me).

I trawled through the internet finding people’s swatch photos on the their blogs and eventually colour matched myself to N120, which is a warm, light sand shade. It was a massive stab in the dark but, like the absolute genius I am (I’m not), I actually managed to get it right. And people say I don’t have control of my life… Seriously. It is a paler shade to what I would normally go for; it’s actually the exact same shade as my natural skin tone but I normally fake tan so I tend to opt a bit darker when it comes to foundations. I will probably purchase a darker one and then simply mix them together.

I began to apply this with my Real Techniques stippling brush but found it worked a whole lot better with my Beauty Blender so I continued with that. I only used one layer and that provided me with medium to full flawless coverage. If I was going on a night out I would potentially do two, though. The finish was very natural looking; of course it looked like I had foundation on (that was the look I was going for) but you can get foundations which come out very cakey and thick. Fortunately this wasn’t one of them!


Overall, this is a gem of a foundation. My skin glowed all day, and my face looked flawless in good and bad lighting. I mixed it with a darker BB cream just to adjust the shade and I was good to go. Concealer is perfectly blendable over the top too!

Have you used this foundation or any other Makeup Forever products? Let me know by tweeting me at @btongirlprobs with your recommendations!

All my love BGP xx