What To Do When Everything’s Going Wrong

imageLife isn’t easy, and we all know that. We don’t need anyone to tell us that bad things happen to good people, and when everything seems to be going right, a spanner gets thrown in the works and everything crashes down around us.

Whether it’s losing someone, having your heartbroken, not getting into uni, losing your job, rowing with your parents, sometimes we have more to cope with than we have coping mechanisms. That’s when it all gets too much and we hit rock bottom, and wonder where exactly we can go from here.

My coping tips won’t fix all the problems in your life, but they have the power to help.

1) Sleep It Off

You’d be surprised at the power of a good nights sleep or even a power nap. It clears your head, and gives you a chance to stop crying and feeling angry. You’re recharging your batteries and sometimes when you receive bad news or something major happens in your life, you can’t think clearly and everything seems worse than it is. After you’ve had a sleep, it gives you a good chance to put everything into a much clearer perspective.

2) Go For A Run

Even if you’re more of a ‘Run to the MAC counter’ rather than a ‘Run a marathon’ kinda girl like myself, it honestly does help. Exercise releases endorphins, e.g happy hormones! Plus you’re getting fit at the same time, and if you’ve got a 4 pack and a toned booty what’s not to be absolutely ecstatic about?!

3) Go Shopping

If the reason for your unhappiness is financial difficulties then you may want to take this step lightly; but if you do have a little bit of money to spare, then what better way to cheer yourself up then a new pair of shoes, a cake, that bag you’ve had your eye on for ages or even booking a holiday if your bank account is looking ripe!

4) Think Positive

I know this is a difficult one when everything seems to have fallen apart, but making a small list in your head of everything you’ve got going for you in your life can put your problems into perspective and make you feel happier about whatever situation you’re in.

5) Do Something For Yourself

Get your hair done, join a class, paint your nails, eat your favourite comfort food. Just do something for th sole purpose of making yourself happy and don’t worry too much about the implications of it for the time being. We all deserve a bit of ‘me time’ especially when life is tough.

‘True strength is keeping everything together when everyone expects you to fall apart’ – Unknown

All my love BGP xx