5 Years Of Pretty Little Liars

imageI have a very short attention span, which is why I’ve always found series hard to get into unless they’re really bloody good. So when my friend told me about this series called Pretty Little Liars that she thought I would like, I was doubtful. Oh how wrong I was.

Five years today Pretty Little Liars first aired on ABC and is now available on Netflix (woop woop).

PLL is the best gift a girl (or boy) could ever be given. Clear your diary out for a good few weeks or months as it will take over your life. Prepare for sitting up in bed at 4.46am desperately trying to cram more episodes in even though you’ve got a job interview you’ve got to be awake for in 2 hours time.


For those of you who don’t know anything about PLL (in which case WHERE on gods green earth have you been for the past half a decade?!) I’ll summarise for you; There’s 5 best friends at high school, Alison, Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer. The gang leader Alison suddenly goes missing and after a year of searching, a body is found. At Alison’s funeral, the girls all receive a ┬átext from a threatening and anonymous person who identifies themselves as ‘A’. The girls all have a lot of secrets from before Alison’s disappearance, but as A starts to control their lives like puppets, they get caught up in an even bigger web of lies.

6 seasons later, and a cast of now huge stars, PLL is a globally popular series which makes for incredible viewing.


We don’t just follow the escapades of the dangerous and threatening A who torments them for years; we become engrossed in the girls love lives and personal situations, we see them grow up and have their first boyfriends, use fake ID’s, apply for college, get their first jobs and go through the things all teenage girls do.

Pretty Little Liars isn’t your typical sickly sweet high school drama; it has a very dark side to it and some scenes don’t make for late night home alone viewing.

For anyone who hasn’t seen it, get started right away! We are currently awaiting the second episode of Season 6 and I’m on absolute tenterhooks.


Happy PLL watching and a very happy 5 year anniversary to PLL themselves. Thank you for the 5am Netflix binges, the not being about to concentrate at work because I need to know what happens next, the gasps, laughs and sometimes even tears. I fucking love you.

All my love BGP xx