The Perfect Rose Gold Foot Candy


I love rose gold, I love heels and I love strappy footwear. Combine those 3 things together and what do you get? These Forever Unique beauties.

Forever Unique previously specialised in glamorous going out dresses and clothing but recently debuted their new footwear range, a gorgeous collection of glitzy, on trend party heels and embellished sandals.


These have quickly become my favourite pair in my shoe collection; they’re not ridiculously high so I don’t feel like I’m walking on stilts; they’re such a statement piece to have as they aren’t just a pair of shoes, they’re an accessorie to your feet, as the rose gold straps allow you to tie them whichever way you please and decorate your ankles as you see fit!


For what appears to be a very delicate pair of shoes they have an extremely sturdy heel and the rose gold straps have a soft suede like material on the inside so they won’t rub against your skin and leave sore marks like other strappy heels I’ve worn before!

An LBD, khaki pencil shirt, high waisted jeans – the possibilities for these little numbers are endless to say the least.

Shop them here (and guess what… They’re now on sale!);

All my love BGP xx