The Cure For Hair Brassiness

imageWe’ve all been there, us blondes have anyway. Our last full head of highlights was a good 8 weeks ago, we’ve got roots coming out our ears (or down to our ears, to be perfectly correct) and the budget is a little bit tight to go back to th hairdressers in a hurry. So what do we do? We play with fire. We buy a box dye, or some strange bleach spray which is on par with spritzing industrial toilet cleaner on your hair. We think we are going to be transformed into a radient, golden goddess, when in reality, we end up with fried, orange, stark roots that look like we’ve taken a 24 hour bath in 2ps. Copper overload.

Touch Of Silver by Pro:Voke is the necessary range of products in a situation like this. Primarily containing violet pigment, they neutralise yellow and brassy tones and brightens up platinum blonde, white or grey hair.


Touch Of Silver Intensive Shine Treatment Shots do the much needed job for any bleached goddess of leaving your hair smooth, sleek and silky; we all know that bleach and peroxide are no wonder product for your hair especially when they’re being applied regularly all over your hair, and they can seriously dry our hair out and leave it looking very damaged. All you need to do to combat that dry and lack lustre look is to pour one shot into your hands after shampooing, and apply to your hair. Massage it in, leave for a couple of minutes, rinse and then job done. Sleek, silky hair ahoy.


The ideal product for the most damaged of hair; years of bleaching, GHD abuse and generally bunging your hair up in a tight hairband for 6 days at a time takes it’s toll on even the thickest and strongest of hair. Use this with the TOS shampoo and conditioner, and you’ll have the perfect even result. This Pre-Toning Primer prepares hair for using further TOS products, smoothes the hair cuticles to prevent frizz and that dry look we talked about earlier, whilst protecting your hair AND locking the shine in to prevent it looking dull. Simply spritz through wet hair and comb, and then go onto using the Touch Of Silver Brightening Shampoo which I’m going onto now…


Toning violet pigment is the most important ingredient in this shampoo; it’s what ousts out the brassy tones and introduces a gorgeous sleek, white blonde new look. If you have an all over blonde colour on your hair then this is the shampoo for you, especially as the silver and grey blonde hairstyles are all the rage at the moment, this is an ideal product for you if you want to introduce some grey and white violet tones into your blonde hair but don’t want to jump into something you’re unsure of. It’s also a toning treatment, therefore reduces dullness at the same time as neutralising random copper tones scattered about your roots. Just massage into wet hair and leave for 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly and saying hello to your new bright, sleek hair do!

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All my love BGP xx