The Perfect Natural Brow Kit

imageWe’ve all been victim of a pair of bad brows in our lives; aged 13 we discovered tweezers, and thought that the best thing to do with these minuscule hair removing instruments was to remove all but 10 hairs from our eyebrows, leaving us looking permanently surprised and in shock over almost everything.

Aged 16 we found eyebrow pencils, but we didn’t ever buy one in any colour but a deep, dark mahogany brown or black. We also didn’t stick to the natural shape of our brows. On we drew, thick, black slugs nearly meeting together in the middle. The sound of our parents shrieks of horror when we walked downstairs in the morning still resonate in our minds.

Now the natural, gradient brow look is much more on trend, thank goodness. Those thick black brows did nothing for my complexion!

I love my brows to look perfect but I don’t like them to look like I’ve done much to them. I find some pencils and gel brow products can be a bit too harsh and sharp and look very dark and overdone sometimes, so I’ve always been a fan of a powdered brow product.image

Included in the kit is a pair of white, Chelsea Beautique own tweezers. I love these because they’re the perfect length and width for having a steady hand (We’ve all previously been victim to to plucking a hair that isn’t actually there and instead puncturing a bit of our own skin!). They also have a very precise and sharp point for as perfectly plucked brow.

Before I discovered the Chelsea Beautique brow products, I was using light coloured matte brown eyeshadow shades which is exactly what the powdered compact brow product is in this kit, but obviously specialised for brows and not eyes so it’s perfect!


I selected my Brow Kit in the shade ‘Natural’ because I think that’s what best fits with my hair colour and skin tone – believe it or not, what colour you choose to shade your brows in with can wash you out if it’s not the right tone!

The Duo Application brush is what I use to apply the product. The angled end is perfect for achieving a precise line on your brows and a high arch. The fluffier end is brilliant for blending product in and it also can be doubled up as an eyeshadow blending brush too for your crease! Two birds, one stone and all that.

The eyebrow powder gives such a natural finish – it’s pigmented enough to define your brows but not so much that they look too thick and draw on. The preciseness of the brush means you can carefully apply the product to the hairs in your eyebrows to make them look really natural.


Included in the kit is a series of brow stencils so you can follow the shape if perhaps your brows aren’t the specific shape that you would like them to be.


Aside from the gorgeous Brow Kit, I also picked up a few extra goodies – The Eye Smudge brush, which is aimed at blending highlighter, concealer and other under eyebrow products that help to define and perfect the brows. It’s got a soft yet firm brush, and it’s small so that you can get a precise finish. I find that for an under eyebrow makeup brush, hard ones make it too difficult to blend and ones that are too soft spread the product too far downwarsds, so this little gem is great for those hard to reach areas.


The last but of course not LEAST thing I picked up was this duo creamy stick pencil, the Magic Brow Lift which contains both a concealer and a highlighter – both very necessary products in lifting your face and highlighting the under brow area. The concealer will cover any blemishes, stray hairs or imperfections and tidy up the brow, and the highlighter will, as the name says, highlight the brow bone so you will automatically lift your face, look brighter, and your eyes will look bigger and brows more defined. We’ve all seen a photo of ourselves where we look  bit frowny because of your eyebrows – a good brow highlight combats that completely!

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Also, let me know on my Twitter @btongirlprobs what your brow wonder products are.

All my love BGP xx