July Beauty Favourites 2015

imageHola everyone! I am so sorry that I haven’t blogged in a few weeks, to tell you the truth I’ve been so unwell with the summer flu, and even breathing has been difficult, let alone composing a half decent blog post worth reading!

I know that we are a week into August now, so my July beauty favourites is a tad late but the only thing that’s been put on my face lately is a wet flannel so I’ve only just felt up to sorting through all my products to work out which where my July faves.


So my first July favourite was this Clean & Clear Morning Energy Shine Control Daily Facial Scrub. I have combination skin which can border on more oily especially during the summer months.

I always, always have to exfoliate my skin to buff away dead skin cells and the general grime of the day otherwise my face just feels horrible and I feel like I’m starting my makeup on a really uncleansed and unsmooth base. I generally just run in to Superdrug or Boots and pick up any exfoliator and then when it runs out I buy a different one, however this is probably the 3rd one of these I’ve bought now because I love it so much!

I use it both morning and night even though it’s called Morning Energy I really don’t think that makes too much of a difference, I think that the lemongrass and fruit extracts just wake you up a lot and make you feel refreshed in the morning. It contains bursting beads which help to gently exfoliate your skin, and I love the fact it’s not a particularly abrasive exfoliator as I’ve used ones before which really feel like I’m sandpapering my skin!

The main thing I love is the ‘shine control’ properties, as it really has helped to control excess oil around my T zone throughout the day so it’s a perfect thing to include in your morning regime if you do suffer from oily skin.

It’s also a drugstore product, so I believe it’s only around £4 which is great as this is such a multi use product and really kind to your skin!


I always, always, always have to carry a lip balm around with me especislly in the summer as my lips get painfully dry so quickly. Vaseline has always been my choice of lip balm for many years, and the Cocoa Butter flavoured one has quickly become my summer favourite. It’s ultra moisturising, tastes and smells lovely, and is also super sleek and shiny so pretty much just looks like you’ve got a slick of lip gloss on!


Now onto a fake tan favourite for July…the Coca Brown Gentle Bronze tan. If you follow me on Twitter, or have been reading my blog for a while you’ll know I’m an absolute fake tan addict. I do like the sun, but I can’t stay out in it for too long as I get hot and bothered and desperate for some shade, so I much prefer the ‘tan in a bottle’ approach as it’s much better for your skin too.

I absolutely adore this tan; it’s actually more of a moisteriser that gives you an added glow, and I tend to favour gradual tans over instant tans as I think they look a lot more natural and last longer.

The first thing about this tan is the colour; it’s a gorgeous chocolate brown colour. I don’t know why, but after predominantly using gradual tans that are a white cream, I absolutely loved the idea of this being brown, it just felt so much more luxurious. I also noticed my skin take to the colour straight away, which gradual tans don’t normally do. I noticed myself being darker the second it was applied.

It develops into a beautiful warm brown tone, not orange at all, and is that ‘real tan’ colour we all try and achieve but struggle to! It also has a wondeful suncream crossed with chocolate scent which I absolutely love! This is definitely my favourite tan at the moment, and I’ve been picking it up in Superdrug for around £7, and the whole range has been on offer a lot I’ve noticed!


I’m obsessed with all beauty products, even ones that I don’t necessarily need, which is why I had to pick up these Genève Laboratoire Replen 10 Wrinkle Reducing Eye Masks.

I only have a few very fine lines under my eyes, but sometimes suffer from quite bad bags especislly if I’m tired or run down like I bave been lately. These eye masks are so luxurious and make a pamper night feel so much more glamprous; you can’t really see in this photo because of the sun, but they are bright shining gold.

There’s five in a box, and they each come in these sealed silver packets. They’re quite wet and sticky, and you just take each one out and press it firmly under your eyes and leave on for 30 minutes and then dispose of them.

I really, really am loving these! The lines under my eyes have become fainter and the most prominent bags I had which really were etched into my skin with how unwell I’ve been, and I’ve seen them dramatically reduce with each day I’ve been using these. They make my under eye area feel so much more refreshed and rejuvinated and they’re only £12.99 which I think is a total bargain for something which works so well!

imageI first discovered this foundation a long time ago when it was used on me by a makeup artist for one of my birthdays and I absolutely loved it. The finish is so natural and glowing, with amazing coverage all the same. I was really pleasantly surprised when she told me it’s only light to medium coverage as I think it does a great job of covering blemishes.

I purchased it a few times afterwards but I’m such a foundation lover I just want to try every single one available, so I stopped buying it and moved onto other brands. However last month I was shopping for a new foundation (not because I had ran out of foundation of course, I’ve got enough to sink a ship! But because I always get an itch for a new foundation after about 4 weeks of trying a new one no matter how amazing it is!) and decided to go for it again because it really is a timeless, classic foundation with a glowing natural finish and perfect coverage for summer. Make sure you wear a primer underneath it, because it can melt off in the heat and become a little patchy if you don’t.image

The Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara just had to make it into my July beauty favourites this month and I’ll tell you why. I normally find Maybelline mascaras to not really lengthen my lashes very much, and instead just make them quite thick which isn’t really a look I tend to go for. The Lash Sensational, however, is such an amazing mascara. It really lengthens the lashes, and coats them all, so even the little lashes right at then edge of your waterline become way more prominent. It expertly separates the lashes and almost gives a sort of ‘falsh lash, effect look. It’s buildable so you can go for a natural lash look or build it up if you’re going out for a more dramatic, glamorous, made up dressy look.


Of COURSE my one true love MAC was going to be featured in my favourites somewhere. This is a super light nude matte pink shade called Satin, and it’s what I’ve been reaching for pretty much everyday. It’s perfect for daytime or for the evening and you can dress it up with a heavier eye. I’ve tried this out with smoky, nude, and a gold shimme eye and it literally never fails to suit any makeup look! It’s VERY matte though so make sure you have very moisturised, hydrated lips before hand. It also is quite a thick lipstick, so once you apply it, you can blend it on the lips with your fingertip as this warms it up and will melt the product in slightly and look a lot more blended and natural.


The next thing in my July Favourites is this Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner. It’s got such an easy, applicable brush, the colour is so pigmented and has amazing staying power, plus it’s really easy to remove! It’s a really bright black which is great, as some liquid eyeliners end up coming out more of a dark grey, but this one doesn’t at all. The brush tip is perfect for getting right into the corner of your eye for a thin line, and also for thickening it out at the lid or the flick if that’s what you wanna do. It was £7.99 I think so ultra inexpensive and really worth the money! Loving this eyeliner.


So the second to last thing in my beauty favourites for July is this Max Coverage Concealer brush by bareMinerals. I’ve never been much of a bareMinerals girl to be honest, but after picking this brush up from them I definitely want to try more of their bits. It’s only a short little brush, so it’s handy for a clutch bag or if your makeup bag isn’t too large. I use it to apply concealer under my eyes and to blemishes, and also to correct makeup mistakes and straighten my eyeliner flick out as it’s such a precise little brush. A definite need for every makeup loving girls collection!


And last but of COURSE not least, is one of my Soignè Nails nail polishes in the shade Cherry Berry from their Barbe À Papa Collection. I absolutely love Soignè nail polishes, they’re so luxurious and easy to apply and give a really flawless gleam. Cherry Berry certainly hasn’t disappointed and is a gorgeous, beep, berry fuschia pink! Perfect not just for summer, but all year round.

So that’s everything I was loving in July! I hope you enjoyed this blog and that I’ve given you some besuty inspo into what some of your next purchases could possibly be 🙂

Let me know what your current beauty favourites are by tweeting me @btongirlprobs or commenting below.

Speak to you soon!

All my love BGP xx