My Top 5 Fake Tans

imageHappy Sunday everyone! Despite the fact the sun is shining, I’m having a huge clear out today, and after doing my clothes, I started in on my fake tan collection as I’m an awful hoarder. Sometimes I finish a bottle of fake tan and put it back into my fake tan basket, and some have gathered there for years (I even have an empty Rimmel one which is so unbelievably old that they no longer sell it).

This gave me the idea of a blog on my Top 5 Fake Tans, as this is one of my most highly requested blogs and I am a fake tan addict so I thought why not share some of my wisdom!


Garnier Summer Body was probably the first fake tan (well, gradual tan) I ever bought, many, many moons ago. That’s where my addiction started! I’ve never tanned particularly easily because I get so hot and bothered in the sun if I’m in it for too long and constantly need to cool down or get some shade, and as I was quite young I wasn’t going to go in with a dark instant tan, so this was a really good alternative, as it’s a moisturising lotion with tan in the formula.

You apply it and then it takes around 6-8 hours to fully develop. It gives you a really nice golden glow and I love the smell; I think it smells like sun tan lotion but many a person has told me it gives off the typical biscuit smell that goes hand in hand with fake tan!

One layer is definitely enough to give you a nice colour, enough so that you can get your legs and shoulders out without feeling like Snow White, however it’s buildable so you can do a couple of layers to achieve a much deeper tan. I will say that the only downfall is that as the formula is quite thick, it takes quite a long time to dry on your skin, so be careful if you are applying this just before bed.

I’ve used this for many years and never got tired of it. This is the large 400ml bottle but you can get a smaller one that’s around 150ml I think. Plus, Garnier Summer Body is on offer A LOT for buy one get one free offers and things like that. You can either get light to medium or dark…bet you can’t guess which one I go for!


Sometimes you end up going on a last minute night out, or you’ve gotten a spray tan for a special ocassion and it’s not dark enough, or you just want a tan that you can wash off the next day without having to exfoliate and scrub. We’ve all been there!

In those cases, this is the tan for you. It’s simply an instant tan with a slightly shimmer in it, that you can apply and it’ll come straight off in the shower. It gives you a nice brown glow, and the shimmer makes it perfect to bring away with you on holiday if you want to wear a little number in evening that you don’t feel tanned enough to wear yet.image

Whenever I go for a spray tan, I almost always ask for Sienna X. I love the colour that develops from it; it is so dark and so natural, two words you don’t generally think go together in the world of fake tan!

People think that for a false tan to look real, it needs to be used sparingly and be in a very light shade. Sienna X completely squashes that view, with the tan being both deep and real looking.

My boyfriend constantly tells me that when I wear fake tan it looks like I’m wearing fake tan but when I wore my Sienna X the other day, he actually told me it looked like a real tan for once! One point to me.

My fave Sienna X tan is their Q10 Bronzing Mousse; I love a mousse as I think it looks so much more flawless when it develops as the formula is light and fluffy and therefore doesn’t go as streaky as a liquid or gel as it blends better.


I featured the Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze in my July favourites yesterday so I won’t go on too much about it again, but I’ve completely fallen in love with this tan! It’s a gorgeous brown liquid that looks like chocolate sauce (something to be wary of if applying when drunk, not that I ever suggest fake tanning when drunk as I did it once before and I looked like I’d been dipped in salsa and then tumble dried).

It’s a gradual tan but you do gain a light colour almost immediately and it smells amazing. It’s one of my absolute favourites at the moment!


I was SO happy when I found out that ESPA had a gradual tan as I find that brands that specialise in skin and facial care usually have pretty good fake tans when they do eventually bring them out!

ESPA’s Naturally Radiant Gradual Tan literally smells like a dream; it contains sweet almond oil so the scent of the almond also mixed with a lavender/tea tree ish scent is so amazing on your skin.

It’s a really thick, luxurious formula so be careful again, if you apply before bed as it does take a while to sink into the skin. It contains a plant called Melanin which is a tan accelerator that creates a glowing tan within 4 hours which intensifies over 10 days which is fab as you don’t need to constantly keep topping up.

The tan it gives is really natural and almost olive toned which I love. It smells and feels gorgeous on your skin and is perfect to use just before you go on holiday.

So, I hope I’ve given you some fake tan inspo and that you’ve enjoyed this blog post!

Let me know what your holy grail fake tan products are by tweeting me @btongirlprobs.

All my love BGP xx