The Rise Of The Velvet Tanning Mitt

imageSo we’ve all been in the normal tanning predicament before; we are just bronzing ourselves up, minding our own business, when all of a sudden our foam tanning mitt splits and our hands hanging out the side. Woopsies.

Another issue I have with foam tanning mitts is they’re quite rough after a few uses; I feel like I’m exfoliating my skin whilst tanning. Not nice.

Being beauty obsessed (and as being beauty¬†obsessed is my job, I sort of have to know what’s going on) I recently discovered VELVET tanning mitts. Maybe they’ve been around for yonks and I’m just blind and/or stupid but I really didn’t know they existed!

The first one I used was one by Argania Oil but it did seem a bit flimsy and broke after about 10 uses, so I now have this gorg black velvet one by Sienna X and I absolutely luuuuuve it.

Tan feels nowhere near as cold as it usually does on my skin, the finish is so much more flawless using a velvet mitt, and as it’s now coated in a thick and withstanding material, it doesn’t just split at the drop of a hat anymore!

Sturdy, smooth and soft – thoroughly recommend for any regular fake tanner like myself. Get yourself a velvet mitt pronto.

All my love BGP xx