Clarins Makeup Haul

imageClarins has always been the beauty and skincare brand that screams ‘luxury’ to me; there’s no bubble print writing and neon colour schemes. Only golds, reds, muted browns and blacks. I think it’s pretty easy to fall in love with the packaging before you’ve even tried the makeup itself.

I’m going away in a few months time for a special trip (All will be revealed soon…I’ll be documenting the whole trip through blog posts!) and I think new, luxurious makeup is always needed for a special trip. Well I think so anyway!

Without further ado let’s jump straight in and have a look at these beautiful makeup goodies (WARNING: severe makeup porn about to be featured).

So the first thing I picked up in my haul was the Clarins True Radiance Foundation.

imagePlease excuse the dark shadow on the bottle – it’s really sunny right now so taking photos is a tad difficult with light reflections etc!

So I’ve heard great things about this foundation, unsurprisingly. It’s advertised as giving a ‘dewy, glowing’ type look and that’s what I’ve also read in reviews so I am really excited to give this a go! I’ve been sticking to purely matte foundations for so long and I don’t really like the way they look anymore!

Different skincare products I’ve been using lately have given me some amazing shine and oil control so I thought it was time to go for a lighter foundation.

It is said to be a ‘lightweight, moisturising formula that glides onto skin perfectly, boosting natural radiance and luminosity’. It also has SPF 15 which I love in a foundation; I refuse to wear base products that don’t contain SPF as it’s just asking for skin damage! I wear foundation if I’m leaving the house, therefore I am being exposed to the sun, therefore SPF = must have!

I am really excited to give this a go and will let you know in another blog post how I get on, alongside all the other products.

The next product in my haul is the Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch.


This is a ‘perfecting primer’. It’s said to ‘with an ultra light, ultra smooth texture, it glides on skin leaving an imperceptible veil on its surface, filling in and smoothing away the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores. The very light texture ensures that skin is not overloaded and is able to breathe. Your skin is left ‘foundation ready’. Smoother, moisterized and even toned, your skin offers the best surface, ready to give your foundation make-up a more even and flawless finish. Can also be used alone or mixed-in with your foundation for a quick and easy application’.

That sounds to me like everything I look for in a primer – because whilst we all want one which keeps our makeup on, why not have one that also blurs imperfections and gives us a smooth, more perfect base to begin our makeup on?

Everywhere I’ve looked this appears to have 5 star reviews so I cannot wait to try it out!

Then, I went for the Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base.


Excuse the fact you can’t see the writing on the front! The packaging is really pearly and sheer so it’s difficult to see with the camera reflection!

Clarins say that the ‘new High-Lumitec Complex brightens the complexion and optically corrects imperfections. Available in three shades – rose (brightens all complexions), champagne (corrects redness) and peach (restores lustre to medium and matte skin) – leaving a veil of light radiance that evens skin tone, boosts luminosity, and restores skin vitality. Fast and easy to apply; in just a few seconds, the complexion is naturally luminous and skin recovers it’s freshness, vitality and suppleness.’

Mine is in shade rose as the predominant feature I’m looking to get out of it is skin brightening – you can apply it before foundation or mix it in with your foundation for an added glow. I’ll probably try this out as a highlighter too on my cheekbones and eyebrow arch.

The Bronzing Duo SPF 15 Mineral Powder Compact was the next on my agenda.


There is a handy little mirror in this compact – but my reflection was showing in it as I took the photo so I had to cover it up with a piece of paper – sorry!

The description reads that ‘the Bronzing Duo subtly warms the complexion all year round with a very natural, sun kissed look. It’s formula combines the benefits of plants with the purity of minerals to ensure perfect affinity with the skin. The colour harmonies comprise two shade intensities which can be blended and shaded as desired to modulate your tanned look.’

I absolutely love the look of this because 1) it has a mirror which is always handy with a bronzer, 2) it doesn’t have a shimmer finish which can sometimes look unnatural, 3) it combines 2 different shades so looks a whole lot more natural than one block colour.

It also looks like it would be fab for contouring so I’m going to experiment a few different ways of trying it.

Powder is such a necessary part of my makeup routine, so the next product had to be the Ever Matte Mineral Powder Compact.


‘The compact powder which effectively controls shine for hours, leaving skin fresh and flawless. It’s ultra-fine, comfortable texture evens the complexion with a transparent finish. The ‘Shine Stopper’ complex combines the benefits of plants and purity of minerals to instantly matify the complexion, control shine and tighten pores. Your complexion is perfectly even, velvety-smooth and looks incredibly beautiful. Makeup-hold is improved.’

I absolutely love a powder with shine control, and all the added features of this one for example the pore tightening made it a definite must have!

The ‘Multi Blush’ in shade 02 Candy was the next product I picked up.


I was so amazed with this because it’s a cream texture that transforms into a powder upon application which I thought was incredible.

‘It’s creamy and soft texture melts into the skin to sculpt, smooth and add a hint of colour for a light, natural-looking finish. Floral waxes from rose, mimosa, jojoba and sunflower pamper the skin and protect against dehydration. Adds lustre to the skin with the Clarins exclusive Light Optimizing+ Complex.’

Absolutely love the fact this also has skincare benefits alongside the lovely rich pink colour, so it really wasn’t a question of whether to get this or not!

The Clarins ‘Be Long Mascara’ was the next on my list.


Mascara is the one thing that can completely change an entire makeup look – even if you’re totally bare faced, adding a slick of mascara can make you look a lot more made up.

I opted for Be Long, in 01 Black.

‘This revolutionary new mascara combines an instant strengthening formula, and exclusive new brush design making it an absolute must-have for lashes lacking in length. After 4 weeks of use, lashes increased by an average of 1.1mm’.

So not only does this claim it lengthens whilst on, it also has permanent results by the looks of things! I’m so excited to try this and monitor my results.

Next up, is the Crayon Khôl for my eyes.

imageI love this because it looks like it’s so easily blendable so it’ll be great to create an evening smoky eye.

‘An essential for intensifying the eyes. Kohl crayon can be applied as a traditional kohl or around the eye contour area, blended the natural hair brush. Long wearing formula.’

The fact it’s long wearing was the selling point for me as your eyes naturally moisten throughout the day so can remove eye makeup – with this being long wearing, that won’t be a problem. I’m so excited to try this for both day and night eye makeup in two different ways.

I love me a nude matte eyeshadow so the next item on my list was the Ombré Matte Shadow in 02 Nude Pink.


‘Silky and lightweight, these eyeshadows are comfortable and easy to apply. A smoothing, mattifying and long-lasting formula that glides over the eyelid and blends evenly into the skin upon application’.

It’s a universal colour for the daytime and a perfect base for a smoky eye or glitter eye. It also turns from a cream to a powder upon application. I think this will be my new favourite nude shadow.

The Rogue Éclat lipstick in 22 Red Paprika is the second to last purchase in my haul.

imageI absolutely love the look of this lipstick and this gorgeous shade – I think it would look perfect with golden, dewy makeup and a slick of black eyeliner.

‘A lipstick that offers more than just colour, the first age-defying lipstick from Clarins. Intense long lasting colour and The Nutrition-Youth Complex protects lips against dehydration and boosts collagen, Vitamin E protects against free radicals and 100% plant waxes provide instant comfort. Fifteen shades of lip nourishing, age defying, luminous colour with a delicious liquorice and blackberry scent.’

Scented lipstick that boosts collagen and smells of sweets and blackberries? Count me in.

The last thing in my haul is another Rouge Éclat lipstick but this time in the shade 21 Tawny Rose.

imageI love a nude browny pink shade for everyday wear and also to be built up for evenings, and this is the perfect shade. I absolutely adore it.

So that’s everything I managed to get in my Clarins haul. I’ll be reviewing these bits in future blog posts so keep an eye out for those!

Have you done any makeup hauls lately? If so, what did you get?

Let me know by popping me a tweet at @btongirlprobs.

Hope you all have a fab Saturday!

All my love BGP xx