My Favourite Ways To De-Stress

We all get very stressed from time to time, some of us more than others. Some people, like me, suffer from crippling stress and get anxious and paranoid about the tiniest things until your mind has blown it up into something it isn’t, and you get headaches, mouth ulcers, a tight chest, a bad sleeping pattern… And those are just some of the symptoms of being a chronic worrier; it can really affect your health and life.

When I’m feeling especially stressed out, there’s a few things I always to do calm myself down, make myself see things more realistically, and relax.imageIt may sound silly, but putting on one of my favourite films or series really does help me to wind down. Sex And The City is one of my major loves in life and I adore both the films, so sticking this on after a stressful day never fails to make me laugh and feel better about myself.


I also have a couple of products I like to use if I’m feeling stressed and anxious. The first product is my Nathalie Bond Organics Lavender + Chamomile Skin Balm. Not only does it have moisturising and healing properties, but lavender and chamomile are both renowned for being calming, relaxing and sleep inducing. I apply the balm to my temples, under my eyes and around my nose area before I go to sleep and it always makes me feel sleepy a lot quicker than normal and I find I have a better and longer nights sleep.

I also have my Bach Rescue Remedy Spray which I picked up from Holland & Barrett. It only contains organic flower based ingredients so there’s no harsh chemicals or artificial additives in there and it’s also suitable for vegans.

This always makes me feel a lot calmer in stressful situations so I just keep it in my bag when I’m out and about and about and give a few sprays on my tongue if I begin to feel anxious or panicky. I don’t know if it does actually physically change how I feel or if it’s just my brain playing a placebo effect on me, but it never fails to make me feel better in those situations.

imageReading has always been my ‘safe haven’ since I was little and it still is to this day. I always have a book on the go, kept next to my bed to read when I have any downtime or before I go to bed. It always relaxes me without fail. Even if you’re not a big reader I suggest investing in a girly novel as it takes your mind off stressful situations that may be occurring in your own life, and I guarantee you’ll feel much better at the end of a reading session

imageThis may be an obvious one but watching a comedy programme or funny series or film on Netflix never, ever fails to lift my mood. Miranda is one of my favourites and I always feel so much less stressed after watching a couple of episodes!


A long bubble bath is one of the best ways to de stress and relax. A Lush bathbomb, some candles, and some Radox Stress Relief bubble bath is the perfect combination of relaxation and quiet time.

imageChocolate. Need I say more?

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All my love BGP xx