Mini MAC Haul

imageI got a bit spendy in MAC recently. Not TOO spendy that my arms actually ached from the bags (oh that sweet winters day in November) but I still bruised my bank a little bit with some makeup purchases from my favourite places in the world. But why not?

So the first goodie I picked up was the Mineralize Skin Finish in Global Glow.

imageI literally fell in love with this; the Mineralize Skin Finishes are so beautiful and perfect for adding a gorgeous summer glow and highlight and some definition to your face.

imageIt’s an orangey brown shade with golden glitter pigments and some red undertones. It’s just so beautiful to look at with a mosaic kind of feel to it!

imageThen, to feed my deeply passionate love affair with MAC lipsticks (and lipsticks in general) I got this beautiful pale pink shade called Creme Cup which has a cremesheen finish.

It’s a lovely shade for the daytime but I actually tried this with smoky eyes last night and it looked amazing! It’s not exactly a totally matte finish but its certainly not lustre/deeply shiny. Loving this!

imageThe next thing I picked up was the love of my life, the Pro Longwear Concealer. I found that the current Pro Longwear I have was too pale, and it’s what I use for my under eye zone and also highlighting for nights out so I decided to get one a tad darker to match my foundation shade so I got NW25 which is a gorgeous warm caramel shade. This is my absolute all time favourite holy grail concealer and would recommend it to absolutely anyone!

imageLip liner is one of my biggest loves in life. I’ve been using Soar for a very long time (I swear if they ever discontinued it I would visit every MAC store in the UK and buy their entire supply of it so that I had enough to last me my entire life span).

Then I also got myself Whirl because I love a nude lip and I’ve heard everyone raving about it so knew I had to get it. They’ve also just brought out Whirl in a lipstick version so I definitely want to get myself that too. Good work MAC!

imageHere’s a close up of Soar (excuse the fact the lightings a little dark!). It’s a mauve pink shade and you can apply it lightly and blend for a pale pink lip or you can press harder on application to get the real pigmentation of the liner so it’s a darker pinky brown colour. It’s so versatile!
imageWhirl is a darker shade which is a lot more brown. It has nude undertones so the same as Soar, you can apply it lightly for a more subtle nude lip, or build it up for a darker, browner lip. Love it!

So that’s everything I got from MAC (for now anyway), and I can’t wait to start using them all.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and let me know if you’ve bought any MAC goodies lately by tweeting me @btongirlprobs.

All my love BGP xx