Clarins Joli Rouge Lipsticks

Hi everyone!

I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather lately and Clarins latest lipstick line, Joli Rouge, was exactly what the doctor ordered.

imageThey are one of Clarins latest launches in the collection.

‘A rich and creamy formula that leaves the lips with intense colour and a delicate satin finish. Enriched with organic Salicornia extract and mango oil, Joli Rouge intensely moisturises the lips for 6 hours and provides suppleness and comfort. The long wearing colour stays on for 6 hours. For beautiful lips, simply.’

That’s what the description reads, but how did I find them?

Well, I chose 5 shades to begin with, as swatched below.


From right to left, the first shade is 744 Soft Plum which is a deep purple shade with red/burgundy undertones, the next is probably my favourite, it’s a pillarbox classic red shade which is 742 Joli Rouge, then we have 750 Lilac Pink which is pretty much as it says; it’s a soft candy colour with both lilac and pink undertones. Then I’ve got 752 Rosewood which is a deeper pink with more mauve undertones, and then the last one is the lightest pink shade, 707 Petal Pink. This one is a really girly, candy shade, really similar to one of my favourite MAC shades Creme Cup, but slightly deeper and less nude.

First of all lets talk about the first shade, Soft Plum.

imageI absolutely love this shade for Autumn. If I’m honest, my lipstick collection is so hugely made up of nudes, pinks, oranges and reds that I highly lack in deeper, more purple toned lipsticks so I was really happy to get my hands on this.

Previously in Autumn I had used Revlon’s Black Cherry lipstick but I didn’t find the wearability great and it was a bit TOO dark; whereas with the Clarins Soft Plum, it’s a dark plum but it’s still light enough that you can see the tone of your natural lips underneath.

I find with purple lipsticks that some can be so thick and dark it feels like you’re wearing black liquid eyeliner on your lips and it just overtakes your entire makeup look, and not in a good way.

My experience with darker lipsticks is also that they can be super drying but this formula is extremely moisterising (I’m actually wearing Soft Plum as I write this blog post!) and it feels like I have lip balm on at the same time as a lipstick.

In Autumn and Winter you can definitely get away with a more dramatic lip or eye in the daytime, and I think this colour is great for both a daytime look with a more neutral eye, or vamped up in the evening with a deep copper smokey eye. Really excited to try this out with different eyeshadow styles!

Like all of the lipsticks in the Joli Rouge range, it’s buildable too; you can dab it on lightly just to create some more depth to a subtle lip, or you can layer it more so you get a deeper and darker lip.

imageMy favourite shade of them all is next, Joli Rouge (I think this is the iconic shade of the range as it’s name is the same AS the entire range!).

I find it so difficult to find that classic red shade; they’re either too dark or too pink, or way too matte and drying. I love a matte lip but there is something about that pillar box shade that needs a satin finish. The glossy, Hollywood sheen of a red lip.

Like all the lipsticks, it’s super moisterising and gives a glossy finish which you would assume means it’s easily transferable but the 6 hour staying power is definitely true.

I find the Joli Rouge to be the glossiest and have the most sheen of all the shades, but if you press your lips against some blotting paper or simply soft tissue, reapply and repeat it takes the extra gloss away and leaves you with just the right satin finish and a long lasting lip.

imageThe next shade is Lilac Pink. In this shade I think it looks more mauve then it actually is but unfortunately it’s difficult to capture the exact shade of a lipstick in a photo! The swatch photo is closer to the shade as it brings out the lilac tones of it.

It’s a lovely subtle everyday shade and it’s definitely an annual shade; it’s not a seasonal shade like Soft Plum, it’s one that you can wear with a smokey for a Christmas party, or glowing cheeks and a nude eye in summer.

I would say this is the most matte shade of them all, even though they are all a satin finish, probably because it is one of the lighter shades and fits to a T to my natural lip colour.

If you’re at a school, college or work place and can’t wear a lot of makeup or have a heavy look, this is definitely a good lipstick for you.

imageRosewood is the next shade I got (yep I hear you PLL fans. This may have been a swaying factor alongside the gorgeous tones).

This is a lot more of a mauve shade and I wore this yesterday with my MAC Soar lip liner and it fitted perfectly.

It’s a really fab everyday shade but you can build it up into a much deeper tone and definitely rock it for an evening look.

I would really recommend this as a Christmas gift for someone as it’s the sort of shade that suits everyone and whether you prefer a more neutral or more intense look, you can build the colour up to a shade which suits your personal preference.

imageThe last shade I picked up is Petal Pink. I know the last 3 shades look very similar in the photos of the actual tubes but as you can see from the swatches they do come out as entirely different shades, however the lighting makes them all look a lot more similar than they are.

This is a gorgeous girly, candy pink shade which I just can’t wait to wear with a champagne coloured shimmery eye and a really highlighted base.

Again it’s one of those shades which suits pretty much everyone and not many people wouldn’t like.

What I love most about these lipsticks is that they fade rather than come off in chunks. What I mean by that is some lipsticks, throughout the day and when you’ve eaten, drunk, done your daily tasks etc, your bottom lip could still be highly pigmented but half your top lip is bare.

With the Joli Rouge lipsticks, they fade off gradually as a whole, and simply become less vibrant and pigmented and look a lot more natural.

I love that because after the 6 hours you don’t need to worry about rushing to a mirror to check your face; you’ve got the knowledge that your pillarbox red lip has simply faded down into a more pink toned lip.

The lipsticks also taste amazing, really fruity and succulent which is one of my other favourite features about them.

Have you tried the Joli Rouge lipsticks? If so, what shades did you grab?

Let me know by tweeting me at @btongirlprobs.

Thanks for reading and happy Saturday!

All my love BGP xx