August Beauty Favourites 2015

imageWhere did August go?! It’s gone past in a complete blur of rain, wind and a tonne of amazing beauty products.

I has so many beauty favourites last month and I did try and narrow them down but I literally couldn’t do I decided to just keep them all!

imageMy first favourite of the month is this blusher by Milani. First of all, look how easy it is on the eye?! I absolutely love it. The colour I got it in was 05 Coral Cove and it’s a pink coral shade. It looks really bright but surprisingly it doesn’t come out too heavy on the brush and looks very natural and it’s really buildable. I don’t think Milani products are available in the UK yet so I got this online. They’re really reasonably priced too.

imageMy next favourite is these face wipes by Simple. I usually use the ones in the green packet which are the Facial Cleansing Wipes but I started using the Micellar cleansing wipes throughout August and my skin has honestly improved so much! I don’t know if that has anything to do with the wipes but I feel like they take my makeup off way better than the cleansing wipes and leave my face feeling way fresher. They’re the same price as the cleansing wipes too I believe so switching wipes did not leave me financially lacking either!

imageAs you probably all know by now, Cocoa Brown is my fake tan obsession and has been for a good couple of months now. I started out using the Gentle Bronze which is a gradual tan, but then they were kind enough to send me the 1 Hour Tan with a mitt to try out (I haven’t tried my mitt yet as I like to use one until it breaks then start using a new one! I’m weird like that, so will let you all know how I get on with the mitt!) and I was absolutely in love with the results.

The tan does what it says on the tin and develops within an hour but I always find it to be even more prominent when I wake up in the morning if I’ve applied it the day before. It’s a gorgeous golden brown colour, dries quickly, gives a flawless finish and is a mousse which is my favourite fake tan consistency. My new favourite fake tan, girls!imageMy next favourite is this blending sponge from Chelsea Beautique. Excuse the foundation stains on it (it’s not the brush and sponge washing time of the week yet). I have only been using sponges in my makeup routine for around the past year/18 months and I’m absolutely addicted to them. They give such a natural, flawless finish and are great for blending!

I especially love this sponge because of the pointed end which is great for contouring, the round end is amazing for dabbing in concealer, foundation etc. I absolutely love it!

imageThe next item I was loving was this de tangling hairbrush by Tangle Angel. I’ve always loved the tangle teezer style brushes as they’re excellent at getting knots out whilst not pulling or tugging on your hair at all.

imageIt’s also such a pretty, gorgeous style brush and it’s a nice compact size too, definitely not too big. I will definitely be looking at what else Tangle Angel has to offer and purchasing some more styles.

imageThe first of two nail favourites for August, I’ve been absolutely loving this bright orange shade by OFAT (Only Fingers And Toes) in Bittersweet. It’s such a perfect summer shade and has a thick, glossy sheen finish. I’ll still be wearing this into September and then putting it away for next summer as I adore this colour so much. They also have a range of other beautiful colours so I’m going to pick some autumnal shades out for October onwards.

imageA family friend travelled to Japan a while ago and brought me back a selection of makeup from some well known Asian beauty brands and my absolute favourite was this little eyeshadow palette by a brand called HeRa. It had one of those useless little foam applicators in the empty end section as you can see, which of course I binned immediately.

It just contains a silver and a gold glitter shade but I absolutely LOVE them!

They’re really pigmented with amazing staying power and ultra blend able. My favourite thing to do is apply a nude shadow all over my lid, then take the gold halfway across my lid and then blend into the crease with a dark matte brown. It looks incred.

imageMy next fave is the MAC 168 Large Angled Contour Brush. This has been part of my collection for a very long time and I always repurchase it whenever I lose it (which is a lot as I bring it with me on every night out).

I use it for powder contouring and literally never use anything else. The bristles are soft but firm and the shape of the brush makes it perfect for chiselling cheekbones and defining areas.

I could not live without this brush and it was especially useful throughout summer for adding definition and shape to my face with a matte bronzer.

imageI’ve got more eyeshadow for my next favourite, and this little palette is the Revlon Colourstay palette. As you can see, the first nude shade has been my favourite!

I got this at the airport when I was going to Greece with my friends as I remembered at the last minute that I had forgotten my Urban Decay Naked palettes/MAC eyes shadows and I really didn’t want to splurge at one of the counters in Duty Free on a Dior one or anything as I have tonnes at home, so I just picked up a reasonably priced Revlon one as it contained all the basic colours that I needed.

I was really pleasantly surprised at it and have been using it quite often; the pigmentation is really great, as is the staying power and you can create a multitude of looks with it. Really enjoying it!

imageI am a lip balm fanatic as you may already know; I get really dry lips (probably because I’m constantly plastering products against them every single day of my life) so I always need to keep them hydrated and moisturised.

I love keeping this little Nivea Soft Rose lip balm in my bag as it isn’t as wet and sticky as Vaseline, and it’s also got a nice light candy pink tint, so if you just want a little bit of colour on your lips this is perfect too.

imageThe Sculpting Contour Chubby Stick by Clinique is going to be one of my favourites way past August, September and into next year. It’s such a quick and easy tool for contouring, you just swipe it in the areas you want defining and then blend, and it blends out into a perfectly natural defined shade on the cheekbones.

Would definitely recommend this for any beginners at contouring, or anyone who just wants a quick contouring tool to keep in their bags.

imageAnother lips themed favourite now – the Clarins Rogue Éclat lipstick in Tawny Rose. A perfect dark mauve pink shade with a sheen, I’ve found it really perfect to slick on with some MAC Soar lip liner (they’re a great colour match) for an everyday makeup look, or to build the colour up to a stronger shade for an evening look.


TRESemmè Perfectly (Un)done hairspray is my next favourite. I’ve been non stop searching for a hairspray that holds my hair in place whilst not making it look as crispy as a piece of over cooked streaky bacon, and couldn’t find one, until I stumbled across this little beauty. You literally cannot see it in your hair at all, and when you give it a brush through it feels like you have no product in it, whilst holding your style too. I will definitely be repurchasing this once I’ve finished my first can (I am coming very close to the end of it to be fair!).

imageClarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch is my next favourite (excuse the French on the jar!).

This is literally a miracle product for me. I apply it with my fingers before my foundation as a primer, and it completely smooths my base, covers my pores and generally makes my skin feel like silk. My makeup looks so much better with this as a base and I couldn’t recommend it enough!

imageThe Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is my next August beauty favourite. I previously used this for foundation when I originally purchased it but I now use it for blending liquid contour products, for example my Clinique chubby stuck, etc.

It’s a really firm brush that’s excellent for creating a sharp contour line but you can’t solely use this – I always finish the blending off with a straight edge blending sponge.

imageMy third and final makeup brush favourite for August is the Nanshy Flawless Foundation F01 brush. I absolutely adore this for apply foundation. It gives a fantastic flawless finish, not like other foundation brushes which give quite a striped finish. The finish from this Nanshy brush is like the finish you would get from a Beauty Blender.

This is the first Nanshy product I’ve tried and I can’t wait to give some more of their brushes a go. They’re super reasonably priced too for amazing quality.

imageThe second Chelsea Beautique product of my August favourites is a pair of their tweezers. Now this may seem like a boring favourite BUT all you fellow brow obsessed girls will understand what I mean when I say it’s hard to find a good pair of brow plucking instruments. I find so many of them to have awful grip and be too blunt, but these are sharp, precise and have really good grip – they’re also white which I love as it matches my bedroom and all my other pairs are silver!

imageMy second and last nail favourite is the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Pomegranate. This was on my nails a lot in August as it’s a gorgeous deep red/pink and great for both daytime and nighttime. It’s got a super glossy, bright finish and one of my favourite shades in my Barry M nail collection.

imageMy final August beauty favourite is my (practically empty) Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask. I literally love this face mask. I use it in the shower or the bath, by squeezing an amount onto my hands and then applying it generously onto a clean face. It heats up once on the skin and feels so soothing and deep cleansing. My skin always feels 100 times better after I’ve left it on for 5 minutes and then washed it off. I’m all out now so I will be going out to repurchase this in the next few days.

I hope you enjoyed my August favourites and apologies for them being so late! I was experiencing some editing problems which are now all sorted.

Happy Tuesday and thanks for reading!

All my love BGP xx