The Perfect Personalised Canvas For Your Home

imageThis is the first post in my Home Interiors section of my blog, woop woop!   I love beauty, and fashion, and talking about food and men being annoying and such things, but I have also loved decorating and home interiors and design since I was really little.

I was quite a weird child and I collected a number of things and one of those was colour charts. You know when you go to B & Q or Homebase or wherever and in the paint section they have those strips of paper with 5 different shades of pink or green or blue on? I had a box in my bedroom full of about 8000 colour charts that I had collected. I didn’t do anything with them, ever. I just kept them because I was obsessed with the different colours of paint you could get. I was a strange little thing.

Anyway, I’m going off topic as per usual. Can you imagine if I was a YouTuber? Each video would be at LEAST 90 minutes long!

I discovered Posh Canvas a few months ago and immediately fell in love with their cute, unique and kitsch canvas designs for the home.

The first ones I discovered were these lovely personalised ones designed for families to place around the home.

imageI think that when you get older it’s so difficult to buy presents for your friends as sometimes they’re not that into makeup or clothes and if they are you’ve no idea where to start with colours or styles or sizes. You feel a gift card or a bottle of something is too boring and unthoughtful and the same goes if you’re a man!

A canvas like this makes for such a lovely birthday or Christmas present. If you’re anything like me, you and your best friends will have 1000 different hilarious memories together at least so it’s a really brilliant idea to compile them all into something that they can keep forever as a giant memory in itself.

imageThis is one of the canvases I love post of all. Whether you’re creating it for your own home or as a gift for someone else, it’s such a sentimental piece to have.

As we are coming up to Christmas shopping season, I love the idea of getting this as a present for an entire family. Sometimes it can be so expensive when you visit someone for Christmas and buy each individual member a present, so combining something for all of them into a personalised canvas like this is a really lovely idea!



imageAs you can see they do every personalised canvas under the sun you can imagine. If you don’t have children or a husband or what not, you can still personalise a canvas into whatever you want, even if it’s just you that lives in your house. That’s the beauty of it.

There’s also a range of canvases with nice simple quotes to place around your house to spread cheer and positivity and you can also put your favourite song lyrics into a canvas too. (Would it be appropriate to put Bitch Better Have My Money onto a canvas for my stairwell? No? Okay then).

Onto the most magical part of this blog post, the canvas I designed for my house.

imageI absolutely love it. It’s loud, over the top, fun, and as silly as it may sound, it makes me really happy to look at it. I’ve been told I’m crazy many a time, so it’s nice to have a healthy reminder that it’s actually okay to be mad, and anyone that comes over to my house is also probably mad too.

You can shop EVERYTHING from Posh Canvas that I’ve listed in this blog plus so much more at AAAAAND next week I will be doing a giveaway where you can win your own personalised canvas of my ‘We’re All Mad Here’ canvas. Yay!

Keep an eye out for that and happy Sunday everybody. I can’t wait to see what Posh Canvas designs you go for, so if you do decide to spruce your house up with some canvases then definitely tweet me as I’d love to see!

All my love BGP xx


*Posh Canvas kindly gifted me my canvas but as always opinions are 100% my own*