My Fake Tan Collection

imageAs most of you probably know by now, I am a fake tan addict and have been for a very long time. I honestly couldn’t picture my life without being tanned!

It’s a personal preference and it’s not for everyone but I am fully against sunbeds and over exposure to the sun, so I opt for fake tan.

I had a big tan clear out the other day as I had so many bottles which were empty, ┬áleaking or filthy and covered with mouldy tan! I store my fake tan in a big pink basket from IKEA so they all end up tipping over and if the lids aren’t screwed on tightly there can be a lot of dark brown biscuit smelling leakages!

So I had a big clear out and decided to blog about my updated fake tan collection and what I was left with after my big clear out!

I know I love seeing other peoples stashes and what tan they have, so hopefully you’ll enjoy this blog post and it’ll give you some of you own fake tan inspiration if you’re stuck on what brands to go for!

So my first brand I’m going to show you my collection of, is my favourite fake tan brand as you all know, Cocoa Brown.

imageI absolutely LOVE Cocoa Brown tan. I had a tonne of empty bottles which I had to bin but these are the current usable ones I have.

I’ve got three bottles of the Gentle Bronze Gradual Tan which I adore; it smells amazing and gives you a gorgeous natural brown colour rather than orange! And then I have a bottle of the 1 Hour Tan which is my all time favourite; again, the colour looks natural and is a deep brown; but it also looks absolutely flawless on. There’s no patchiness or streakiness. This is my go to tan at the moment but I urgently need to go and have a stock up!

Next up is St. Moriz.

imageSt. Moriz was one of the brands I used a lot when I was younger because you could get it really cheap in Savers and that was pretty much all I could afford!

I do have a massive soft spot for it because I’ve used it for such a long time but nowadays I find it a bit too brown to match my foundation to in winter.

I like it a lot in summer, when I can apply it to my body and my face, exfoliate my face after 8-12 hours so that the initial colour has set in but the streaky patchy parts are gone and then wear minimal makeup for a beach day. However in winter when my makeup is a lot heavier and I’m always wearing foundation, I find it difficult to match to.

Don’t get me wrong I do still love it but I think these are going to be kept in my basket until spring next year.

imageThen we’ve got my Garnier Summerbody gradual tan. This was the first tanning product I ever used years ago, because I could get away with wearing it at school as the colour wasn’t too obvious (of course I used to layer it on though!).

I still love it to this day as it’s a really lovely natural golden bronze colour and moisteruises your skin at the same time. I always have a few bottles of this in my fake tanning kit as it’s perfect for when you want to top your colour up just a little.

Now onto another of my favourites, Sienna X.

imageExcuse the one without the lid – I have absolutely no clue where that’s gone to!

I absolutely ADORE Sienna X. My favourite tan of theirs is the Q10 Bronzing Mousse; It’s so easy to apply, I love smell and the finish is beautiful. My favourite way to apply this is to do two layers on my body and one on my face at night and then wash off in the morning.

I always come out a perfect, flawless shade of bronzed matte brown and I always get compliments on my tan when I wear Sienna X; even, surprisingly enough, from my boyfriend who absolutely hates the smell and the stains that fake tan brings into his life!

I order this online as to my knowledge it isn’t available in any shops (maybe Capital Hair & Beauty?).

This also a really popular brand for spray tanners so I’d really recommend this for your clients if you spray tan for a living!

The next set I have in my collection is from a fairly new brand called Madame La La Tan.

imageThe first larger bottle is a body fake tan and the smaller one is a fake tan face serum. I haven’t actually tried the facial one yet so I will keep you updated on the results of that!

With the body tan, I’m a bit undecided. I find it to be quite brown like St. Moriz so it’s very difficult to properly judge it in winter as I can’t match my foundation to it so that’s where my opinion stands as because of that it’s pretty difficult to get use out of.

I’m going to keep going with it and see how I feel, but again I think it would be best to judge this tan in summer time!

And lastly…

imageThese are the last 3 tans I have in my basket! Two of the Loreal Sublime Bronze’s and a Garnier Ambre Solaire No Streaks Wash Off Bronzer Gel.

I haven’t used either of these in absolutely ages and I think I bought them all because they were on offer in Superdrug.

Sublime Bronze is the best of the two but it’s still not great. The colour isn’t easy to match your makeup too, it’s just too much of a deep orange shade and looks so prominent on your skin.

As for the Garnier tan, this is my least favourite tan I’ve probably ever used. It is SO orange, and I mean the shade of orange no human has ever been before. I think I applied it quickly before a night out before because it’s instant and I needed some quick colour and couldn’t wait for anything else to develop. When I got out into the natural lighting of the street, I was horrified at the colour of my legs. They looked patchy and just an awful bright orange peachy shade.

I should probably have binned this but it’s a nearly full bottle and I don’t like to bin full bottles of anything, no matter how much I dislike a product, I always think I can find a use for it somehow!

So that is my fake tan collection. I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what your favourite fake tan is by tweeting me @btongirlprobs or commenting below.

Have a fab Saturday and I’ll speak to you all soon!

All my love BGP xx


*Some products in this blog post were kindly gifted to me but as always opinions are 100% my own*