Chimnee App & Blog Updates

Hi everyone!

This blog is going to be in quite a chatty format, there won’t be any nice sparkly photos of makeup (unfortunately!) or anything like that, it’s just a blog to give all of you a few updates on what’s going on with me and my blog really.

So there’s a few new updates on Chimnee App; one is that I now have pink font! This is because there was quite a few people pretending to be me on the app and being quite nasty in their advice, and a tonne of you suggested it so me and Chimnee app just thought ‘why not?!’ and went ahead with it. So now all my replies will be in pink!

The other new feature is the ‘Buy Or Not?’ option. Basically, you upload a photo of something you’re planning on buying, and people can click Yes or No as to whether they think you should splurge on it or not. I love it!

As for me, I am so busy right now trying to organise a tonne of amazing Christmas and Winter blogs for you all. I’m also trying to become a blog master and teach myself how to redesign my blog myself for the new year but so far it’s like trying to teach a pig table etiquette – it’s just not happening!

To name but a few of the blogs I’ve got coming up, there is going to be The Best Bras For Small Boobs, Christmas Gifts For Her, Christmas Gifts For Him and SO much more!

I didn’t do a September Beauty Favourites just to let you all know if you’d been searching for it. Well that’s a lie, I did actually do one and finish it but I really didn’t like the finished product or any of the photos and every single time I tried to redo it, it just wasn’t up to the level I wanted it to be – then it was too far into October so I decided to skip September and just do a really amazing October Beauty Favourites as well – so don’t worry that’s coming!

Anyway, that’s just an update to let all of you know the latest in my world and the blogs you can expect to see soon. Have a fab Saturday night and eat ALL the carbs!

All my love BGP xx