A Stay At The Park Plaza

imageSo in the past year I’ve probably been to London about 20 times for a weekend away! That may sound utterly boring but I just love it in London. There’s so much to do and so many beautiful places to go and visit, to eat and drink and stay. I cannot get enough of it, and so a few weeks ago, I desperately wanted to escape Brighton just for one night, so off we went.

The Park Plaza group is one of my favourite hotel groups. You may have seen an older blog post about their Victoria London hotel. Modern with old school luxury is a hard combination to achieve nowadays but the Park Plaza group manage to hit the nail on the head!

So, we stayed at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge. When you get out of the station, you literally turn left and walk straight along the bridge and you’re there. And the views along the bridge on a crisp, sunny Autumn are second to none.

imageThe walk over the bridge takes a few minutes but on a Saturday it is absolutely rammed! Especially when you’re dragging a suitcase along with you. Yes I take a suitcase with me for a one night stay… Outfit options people, outfit options!


imageThe hotel itself is a humongous glass building, with a large front entrance and high flying flags – very difficult to miss especially if you have selective eyesight like me!imageimageimage

The reception and check in area was beautifully big and glamorous, with low lighting and a calm, classic atmosphere. We were taken to a sit down desk area to check in which I loved. It made it feel so personal, and not just like a transaction at a stand up check in area.

The room we had was a gorgeous ‘Suite With A Premium View’.

imageimageLook at the view from our lounge area. Isn’t it incredible?! We could see Westminster bridge, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and across London!




I love the fact the bedroom was exactly that; an entirely separate room. When you’re used to having one room for everything except the bathroom in a hotel, you actually feel like you’ve got you’re own mini home when it’s in an entirely separate room.

imageExcuse the lumpy throw on the bed; I am like a child in the sense I starfish every hotel bed immediately when I get in the room to test the mattress. I’m a tad mattress obsessed and hotel mattresses always seem to do wonders for my back!

We went for a lovely day out for lunch in Regents Park and to London Zoo. I wanted to take photos of this for the purpose of this blog but my phone ran out of battery! Probably from taking too many selfies on the train.

Regents Park is so beautiful and London Zoo was amazing; the only thing that is a nightmare is the tubes! I have been to London a million times and I still get a dry mouth at the mention of ‘Bakerloo’ and ‘District Line’.

When we got back, there was the most gorgeous plate of little cakes and macaroons with a glass bottle of water waiting for us in our suite with a sweet little note telling us to enjoy our stay.

I absolutely love getting ready to go out in a luxury hotel purely because of the sinks. They always have two large spaces either side so that you can spread all our makeup out!

imageDinner was at Brasserie Joel on the hotel complex.

imageA lovely, romantic vibed restaurant with a modern French cuisine. The restaurant was dimly lit and reasonably quiet in tone, however not quiet enough that you felt you had to whisper so others didn’t hear your conversation!

We had dinner at 7.30pm and as our meal progressed the restaurant really began to fill up.

We had wine in the BIGGEST wine glasses I’ve ever laid eyes on. This picture does not do them any justice at all!


It looks like there was a tiny fireball in my wine but I can assure you it was just the reflection from the candle!

My boyfriend opted for the most divine lobster ever with saffron rice and garlic spinach (I know this because I tried some of his. There’s absolutely no way I’m missing out on trying some of someone else’s dinner!).

imageI decided to go for the steak which was equally delicious, and the peppercorn sauce was probably the best I’ve ever had in my entire life (and I’ve had a lot of peppercorn sauces believe you me).

imageWe then went through to the bar which was really spacious with a big wraparound bar in the middle and there was a live band setting up to perform later on in the evening.

imageThe next morning breakfast was a no nonsense buffet style breakfast with everything you could possibly want; cooked breakfast, fruit, pastries, toast.


imageWe had such a lovely stay at the Westminster Park Plaza and I would thoroughly recommend it if you’re going to be staying in London in the run up to Christmas to go shopping, sight seeing or to go and see a show or Christmas musical.

It’s a two minute walk from the tube station and so it’s perfect if you want to get to Oxford Street to hit the shops!

An amazing weekend was definitely had and I can’t wait to revisit one day.

imageAll my love BGP xx


*The Park Plaza Group kindly gave me a complimentary stay but as always, opinions are 100% my own*