An Update On Me Going Public

Good evening guys and girls (well mainly girls).

So I get quite a lot of people asking me about the whole ‘me going public’ situation so I thought I’d do a little blog post about it for any of you that may be interested!

As all of you know, I’m an anonymous blogger. Basically I started off with my Twitter account which was just jokey tweets about what goes on in girls brains sometimes. I then started my blog as a spin off from that to talk about dating and love and beauty and fashion and everything else in the world!

I stayed anonymous because that’s how I’d started off and I just didn’t feel like it was necessary to change the way things had been with it. At the point when I started my blog, it was just a bit of fun, something to do in my spare time.

This year, my whole life changed in regards to my blog and it completely took off. I never, ever expected to actually make a living out of writing about my love for makeup etc but it happened and I was so proud of myself.

It was always my dream to write ever since I was 6 years old. Then when I became a teenager and discovered makeup and fashion I fell in love with those too, so to combine all 3 things into a job has been so utterly amazing.

I’ve worked with brands I could only dream of – Clarins, Ann Summers, Superdrug and so many more. Brands I have looked up to since I first entered womanhood and lusted after the items on their shelves.

Becoming a blogger was just something I did because I love writing and I have a passion for all the things I blog about – not being anonymous never occurred to me until my blog became something a lot more serious. I never thought I’d get to a stage where I’d need to consider becoming public until recently.

The truth is I’m hugely jealous when I come across other bloggers; the way they can show you how they’ve done their makeup and their hair and their full outfits, things that you can’t do being anonymous. That’s when I started to think about coming out.

You may be asking ‘well why not just come out then?!’ but it’s a lot harder than that. My blog and social media has all been based around me being anonymous and I’d have to make a lot of changes by coming out.

I’m also scared; I mean who wouldn’t be? I have over 60,000 of you following me on social media and to suddenly step out and say ‘This is me’ is a big deal. For bloggers who are just out there from the start, it’s easier because they ease themselves in. I am literally stepping out onto a platform of people eagerly awaiting to see who I am and what I look like.

So yes, I’m petrified. I’m worried about how much my life will change and I’m also very excited.

You can probably tell by everything I’ve said but yes I am going public next year. I don’t know when or what month but it will be next year. I want to do but I need to do it when the time is right. Because right now I’m not 100% comfortable with it and I need to wait a little while till the morning I wake up and literally know that it’s time.

All I can say is I don’t want anyone to think I’ll change when I go public. My blog won’t change, my advice on Chimnee won’t change, the tweets I do won’t change. You’ll just have a face to a name.

I know I’m not the biggest blogger in the world, I’ve got a long way to go before that (a long long long way to go!) but I do want to thank everyone for reading my blogs and following me and generally being so lovely. My blog is my pride and joy and I don’t know where I would be without it.

In April and May of this year I went through a really difficult time with some personal issues and dropped off the online radar quite a lot, and receiving lots of tweets and messages from you all asking where I was really filled my heart with joy and made me know I had to get back on the horse (the blogging horse)!

So yeah, I’m going public. When I know more you’ll know more. It will be next year I just don’t know when. I’m aware my life will change and I’m aware once I’ve done it there’s absolutely no going back but I feel like being anonymous has run its course nearly. I am obsessed with beauty and fashion and I want to fully be able to share that with you all rather than hiding away.

I love you all and thank you for reading this!

All my love BGP xx