Soigné Nails Avant La Lettre Winter 2015 Collection

imageHi everybody! Today’s blog post is going to be about one of my favourite nail brands new nail collections for the Winter season.

The I definitely love Winter nail shades more than Summer shades because they’re so deep and rich in colour and also if you’re like me and years of acrylic abuse to your nails have left them not in the best of nick, then you’ll know darker shades definitely make them look way better than the lighter Summer shades!

Anyway, on with the blog post!


So, the first shade in the set is a gorgeous dark grey called Mystérieuse.


‘Mystérieuse, a deep, dark grey green translating to ”Mystery” for those who like to let their mind wander into the night’.

Grey is actually one of my favourite nail varnish colours, and you can just about get away with a light almost nude grey in the Summer but when it gets to October/November time it’s all about the dark greys. I’m so excited to wear this with black and cream outfits.

The second shade is probably my favourite and it’s a beautiful shade of deep burgundy called Séduisant.

image‘Séduisant is a luxurious burgundy shade and a perfect accompaniment to a spontaneous romantic evening’.

I absolutely adore this colour; it’s such a rich and beautiful shade and as the description says, perfect for Date Night and to wear for Party Season with an LBD and an embellished clutch.

The last shade in the collection is Chèrir and it is the most beautiful pearly nude shade with gold undertones.

image‘Chérir,  beautiful, iridescent pearl shade to perfectly reflect the icey mornings’.

I love this shade and think it will look so lovely with a white dress and soft curls.

I just received this set this morning but I’ve just applied Mystèrieuse and as always, it’s gorgeously glossy as all the Soginé polishes are, and I’ve only needed one coat. It has khaki undertones when it hits the light and it’s so perfect for this time of year!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and that its given you some inspo for Winter nail shades to rock in November.

All my love BGP xx



*These were kindly gifted to me but as always opinions are 100% my own*