Karaoke, Pizza & Cocktails


Pizza, cocktails and screaming Spice Girls and Britney at the top of your voice with your friends? Sign. Me. Up.

I don’t think there’s a better thing to do after a cocktail or six than have a good sing song – and I know so many people agree with me which is why Lucky Voice is such a popular night out up and down the country.


With bars in Cardiff, Leeds, Newcastle, Manchester, Glasgow, Soho, Islington and of course my very own Brighton, they piece together the perfect night out for you!

Lucky Voice is a karaoke bar with a twist – you get your entirely own room/booth where you can enjoy an amazingly fun night out with friends, work colleagues, family or even your partner!

imageYou can get some fab packages to suit any group size right now at Lucky Voice if you’re planning a Christmas do at work, or you just want a fun night out with your best friends.

For a room for 4, you can get 2 pizzas of choice with 4 cocktails of choice for £52 (that’s £13 each!). If there’s 6 of you, you’re able to get 3 pizzas of choice with a ‘Six person sharer cocktail’ for £75.

A group of 8 of you can get 4 pizzas and 8 cocktails of choice for £104. 10 of you will get 5 pizzas and 10 cocktails for £130, 12 of you will get 6 pizzas and a champagne supernova for £150 and a big ol’ group of 15 can get 8 pizzas, a champagne supernova and a ‘horse with no name’ for £192. These are plus the room charge.


As you can see when you go in a group it ends up being a really reasonably priced night out when it’s divided between you all; in the comfort of your own room with pizza, cocktails, champagne and your favourite songs and people it’s such a great night out especially during the festive season!


To book just go to www.luckyvoice.com or to enquire further about the Christmas packages please contact the below;

Brighton – 01273 715770 / brighton@luckyvoice.com

London Soho – 0207 4393660 / soho@luckyvoice.com

London Islington – 0207 3546280 / islington@luckyvoice.com

If you want to book another bar that isn’t listed above please get in contact at www.luckyvoice.com to enquire!

If you book a karaoke night at Lucky Voice make sure to tweet me your photos at @btongirlprobs!

All my love BGP xx


*This post was kindly sponsored by Lucky Voice but as always opinions are 100% my own*