Happy 2nd Birthday Brighton Girl Problems!



It’s Brighton Girl Problems 2nd birthday today! Happy birthday to meeeee!

Two years ago I created the character of BGP, based upon myself, my friends, and the people around me. Not just about Brighton girls themselves but about females everywhere who could identify with me.

Two years on and she is still going strong!

I literally cannot believe my blog and BGP is two whole years old! I can remember creating it all yesterday! It’s crazy how time flies.

I know some of you reading this have been here since the 8th December 2013, and some of you may have only been reading my blog for a few months or even since today but I want to thank you all equally for being the best readers ever. I especially want to thank Lucy Bender who has always been such a supportive reader of blog and the sweetest girl ever!

Here is to the next two years of Brighton Girl Problems and beyond that. I hope it will be filled with more MAC lipsticks, cocktails and Dominos.

Happy Birthday to me!

All my love BGP xx