Christmas Gift Guide For Her

Hello everybody!

So Christmas is fast approaching and if you’re anything like me then you’ll probably still have a fair bit of shopping left to do!

There’s a lot of Gift Guides flying around online at the moment which is brilliant, but a lot are featuring very similar items, for example beauty and skincare sets which you’re all familiar and aware of by now so I’ve decided to feature some different items in my Gift Guide For Her!

The first item in my Gift Guide is this gorgeous lacy body from Ann Summers.

imageThe perfect luxurious and sexy gift for your girlfriend, wife or even your lingerie loving friend. I think lingerie is such a beautiful gift to give someone especially this gorgeous backless, lacy detailed, cut out body.

imageYou can shop it here;

The next little beauty to be featured in my Gift Guide is also from Ann Summers.

imageThis beautiful little set of deep purple silk and black lace pyjamas is so perfect to buy pretty much any female with a love of pretty things for Christmas!
imageYou can stop this lovely little set here;

The next thing in my guide is perfect for the book loving person in your life (for either gender!)

imageI’ve heard amazing things about this book and the film so I can’t wait to start reading it! Books are such a lovely present for anyone who loves to read and they’re so easy to choose. My best tip is just to buy a few from the best sellers list in your nearest bookshop!

In my Christmas Gift Guide For Her, the next item we have is a personal favourite of mine from Nathalie Bond Organics.

imageI suffer from anxiety and am a chronic worried about every aspect of my life and health (good times!) so anything that had the word ‘calm’ on is always a winner for me.

Even if the person you’re buying for doesn’t have anxiety and is quite a calm person anyway, we are all victim to a bit of stress now and again so I think this is such a lovely present to get for someone.

It includes 3 calming products.
imageThe first item in the collection is the Dead Sea Salts with Lavender + Chamomile.


imageThe next thing that’s in the collection is the Body Oil.


imageAnd lastly there’s the Small Lavender Candle.


imageI can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t be happy to open this gorgeous set on Christmas Day!

You can shop it here;

Scents are popular for all sexes on Christmas Day which is why a gorgeous bottle of perfume is a definite winner for any ladies in your life.image

Sweet Bow by Arun Virdi is a beautiful fresh, sweet scent that suits anyone, despite the facts perfume scents are a very unique and personal choice.

You can shop the perfume here;

If you want to get something small, useful and lovely for the beauty loving lady in your life then this little Clarins wonder is perfect.


imageThe Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil is a really handy little product to carry about as it is a lip care treatment that doubles up as a lip gloss so you can nourish and hydrate your lips whilst looking good. The perfect treat for any makeup junkie!

Clarins don’t currently have this shade in stock but you can stop 01 Honey here;

And the last set of goodies in this Gift Guide is of course, candles, because we all bloody love candles don’t we?!

imageCandles are pretty much a perfect present for anyone and they’re always lovely to have around especially at this time of year; scents like lavender and cinnamon are universal scents that are well loved by pretty much everyone!

You can shop these here;



I hope you enjoyed this gift guide and that it’s given you a little bit of pressie inspiration if you’re feeling a bit mind blanked!

Thank you for reading and I’ll speak to you all soon!

All my love BGP xx


*This post includes some gifted items but as always opinions are 100% my own*