How To Make Money On Depop

Some of you, or most of you, have probably heard of Depop, have the app, or have at least seen me mention it on social media before. Before I start this blog post I just want to say this post is in no way sponsored by Depop or anything like that – they probably don’t even know I exist! It’s just me giving you some tips on how to make some extra cash.

*All photos included in this post are photos from my Depop taken by me*

So anyway – Depop. It’s basically an App where you can sell anything and everything – it’s predominantly used for clothes/accessories/makeup – really simply.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll find eBay a bit of a ballache. Not actually being able to sell something for 7 days, paying listing fees, having 50 watchers and none of them end up bidding, starting off an expensive dress at 99p, only one person bids and you end up having to sell it for that, and then the whole thing where if you haven’t been a user for 3 months you can’t even access your money once you’ve sold something straight away! I think it’s fine when you’re selling an expensive watch or a games console or what not, but when you want to sell Zara skirts, Topshop jumpers and necklaces you don’t wear anymore to likeminded people and not lose out on money, it’s not the right platform.

Snakeskin Shoe

I knew about Depop, and actually signed up ages and ages ago but never ended up really using it, until around 4/5 weeks ago when I realised my wardrobe was getting beyond a joke. I was holding onto so many items I hadn’t worn in months and months, if not over a year, I had shoes and bags cluttering up every available surface and my chest of drawers was filled with things I’d forgotten I even had. I like to shop regularly for new bits and pieces, so the amount of clothes I owned was constantly going up, yet the amount I was getting rid of wasn’t.

I decided one evening to put every single garment I owned on my bed and go through things I would actually wear again, and things I wouldn’t. I ended up with over 150 items from jeans to bikinis to wedges to crop tops that I knew I wouldn’t wear. They all hold such sentimental value because I’m sure you’ll agree that you can look at an item and immediately think of the time you wore it especially if it was an amazing night out or incredible holiday. But I stopped thinking like that and realised that someone who would actually get use out of it could be buying it.

If you are a hoarder like me, take a deep breathe, lay all your clothes out and seriously think; Which items am I actually ever going to wear again?

Anyway, if you have decided your wardrobe is a little too full, then I’ve compiled a little list of what I think are the best ways to get the most out of Depop, and sell as much as you can

1¬†–¬†Photograph Well

Try not to take photos past about 2pm at this time of year unless it’s really sunny out – it gets dark so early now, especially if the weather isn’t good, and your photos wont turn out well. Photograph items in natural, bright daylight, so that the true colour of the item is fully picked up, and buyers can see your items well. Try and photograph the entire item. I take my photos against a plain white wall so you can see the item as well as possible. If possible, also feature a photo of the item being worn. I don’t have many photos of my items being worn as I’m terrible at taking photos like that, but I’m going to try and start including some!
Wet look zip top
2 – Description
Some items speak for themselves in terms of photos, but others don’t. If you’re selling a dress that has a complicated strap detail, describe it as well as you can. If you have a pair of shoes that has a black mark on one of them, make sure it says so in the description. Detail the size, and if for example it’s a size 8 but would fit a 6-10, list it. It may help you sell more!
Pink heels
3 – Be Active
People will be messaging you questions about items, giving you offers, and posting questions on your items -make sure you’re regularly responding and checking up to see if you have any new messages. I don’t mean constantly sit and stare at the app – just make sure you check in a few times a day if you have items for sale.
bag4 – Do Deals
Now and again, you can do things to increase your sales, like 10% off, free postage, or buy one item get another half price. All of these are really good things to do because it gives people an incentive to buy from you. Advertise these on your Depop, and also over your social media channels.
5 – Follow People
If you want more people to follow you and view your items, then it’s worth following others first so they actually know your profile exists.
Spotty top6 – Search
There’s an ‘Explore’ page and within that you can search for users and items. In the ‘items’ section, search for phrases like ‘looking for green Topshop dress’. This will show people who are posting that they’re looking for a certain item; and hopefully you’ll find someone is looking for items that you’re selling, and then you can contact them to let them know you’re selling the item!
WedgesI hope you enjoyed this post and all the tips I’ve given – and hopefully this will inspire you to set up your own Depop page and get selling! Let me know at @btongirlprobs on Twitter if you’ve had success on the app!
My username is @brightongirlproblems if you’re interested, however it’s on my social media so you may have already seen.
Spend tonight being proactive and sorting your wardrobe out, and hopefully you start earning!
All my love BGP xx
*This post is not sponsored and all opinions are 100% my own*