My New Years Resolutions 2015

There’s not long left of 2015 now, in fact, just over an hour, so I thought I’d share my New Years Resolutions with you.

I haven’t been very good at sticking to these in the past but I’m going to make a conscious effort to really go for them in 2016; 2015 has been a massive learning curve for me in so many ways and I know the changes I need to make

1 – Stop Worrying

I have suffered from anxiety since I was about 14 and I got attacked. It’s something that is difficult to talk about, because years and years later, it’s moulded my personality. I am a chronic worrier, and until 2013 it was more of a simple form of anxiety that I had as such (although no anxiety is simple of course). Some of you may have read my Life is Precious blog post where I spoke about the short illness I suffered and spent some time in hospital; this shaped my anxiety into a severe form of health anxiety. Now, some of you may be confused about this as you’ll know I love pizza, cheese, chocolate and prosecco! I do eat my fruit and vegetables and drink my water don’t worry! But my health anxiety is more severe in the fact that I worry every single day of my life that I am seriously ill and potentially dying. It may sound silly to a lot of you but it’s something that has caused me so much stress. I have anxiety about many different things, and I am currently undergoing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to try and help it. I ‘catastrophize’ everything, in the fact that, as a random example, if I was to call someone and they didn’t answer, I immediately think something bad has happened to them and panic myself. I’m trying my best to stop thinking this way as it’s not healthy at all, but as anyone with anxiety knows, it’s not as simple as that!
I’d really like to at least try and worry a little bit less about things in 2016 – I just want to be happy and enjoy life!
2 – Read More
This is a little bit following on from my last resolution, but I need to read more. Reading really calms me down, and when I’m going through a stage where I’m severely anxious I find that getting engrossed into a book and someone else’s world really does help, so I’m definitely going to try and read more books this year, as I absolutely LOVE reading.
3 – Travel More
I think a lot of people have this resolution, but I definitely do want to travel more. I only went on two European breaks last year, which may sound like a lot but I just want to see as much as possible! I already have two trips booked for the first few months of 2016, and I want to go away around another 3 times so I can get as much in as possible. It’s good for the soul!
4 – Be Calmer
I naturally have quite a fiery personality and can fly off the handle over silly things with family and my boyfriend, so I want to try and calm down a bit and pick my battles a bit more in 2016! It’s perfectly normal to argue with people, especially your partner, from time to time, but I find when I’m going through a stressful period in my life or am feeling hormonal, I can be prone to taking it out on those I love most when I really shouldn’t.
5 – Be Happier
Also similar to the first one slightly, I want to be happier. I get myself down about the silliest things for such a long time, and I’ve cried way too much for reasons I shouldn’t in 2015. I need to learn that not everything is the end of the world and to do things that make me happy, and stop living my life to please other people.
6 – Grow My Blog
My blog has grown more than I could’ve ever hoped or wished for in 2015. I did a 2015 review post where I spoke about having had some amazing opportunities and formed relationships with amazing brands, and for that I’m so grateful. I’m so grateful for every single reader, follower, and just anyone that has ever bothered enough to read a single post, or like a single tweet. So, SO unbelievably grateful. I want to improve and grow Brighton Girl Problems even more in 2016 and keep getting better!
7 – Love Those Who Treat Me Right, And Throw Out The Others!
I’ve had a habit of letting toxic people overstay their welcome in my life, for pretty much my entire life as I’ve never really had much of a backbone when it comes to cutting people off. However I’ve decided I’m going to do it. I am going to show the right people how much I appreciate and love them, and the others, well – I don’t need them!
I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that you’ve set your own resolutions for 2016 that will make you a happier and better person.
This is my LAST post of 2015, and I can’t wait to see what 2016. I love you all millions!
All my love BGP xx