See By Chloé Boots From Soletrader

Hi everyone!

So today I’m doing a blog post alllll about my gorgeous new (ish) Chloé booties! Yes, Chloé boots! I’m so happy I can finally say I own something from the brand!

I love blog posts about a particular item, whether it be shoes or a makeup product, as it focuses entirely on one thing therefore you can make a way more informed decision about whether you want to splash the cash on that particular thing.

So the boots, let’s get the details out the way; they’re available at Soletrader for £299, now reduced to £149! Now, that may seem like a lotta money but for a pair of amazing quality, designer boots that will last you a lifetime, it’s totally worth it. Plus, they’re reduced by £150, which is a mega amount of money off. I don’t have enough hands to count how many pairs of rubbish quality ankle boots I’ve gotten through, where the sole has worn off, and the heels have needed reheeling multiple times and I’ve ended up binning them. It’s an actual nightmare!

Chloe Boots 1The boots are, simply, in one word; gorgeous. They’re made from gorgeous soft leather, with a beautiful darker fur around the heel. The deep maroon shade is so dreamy. They also have them in black but I thought, I’ve got enough black shoes, let’s go for a different colour! A shade like this can also be worn with a black bag, and still look chic and amazing.

Chloe Boots 2There is a side zip with a gold plate, which I absolutely love.

Chloe Boots 3They have a really unique square heel with a metallic detailing; I don’t own a pair of shoes with such a different kind of heel, I think they look so cool!

Chloe Boots 4They look just as fabulous from the back as they do from the front.

Chloe Boots 5I love that the zip doesn’t come all the way to the top. It leaves space for a small part of ankle to be seen through the dip in the edge.

Chloe Boots 6I literally adore this boots so much, so much so in fact that they’ve actually earned themselves a spot on my heel shelves, which were strictly reserved for heels until these little beauties walked into my life!

You can shop them here;

I hope you liked this post and I’ll speak to you all soon!

All my love BGP xx


*These boots were kindly sent to me by Soletrader but as always opinions are 100% my own*