What’s In My January Makeup Bag?

Makeup Bag 1

Hi everyone!

So today I wanted to do my first ever ‘What’s in my makeup bag?’ post. I love seeing these blog posts/YouTube videos from other people so I thought I’d start doing them every couple of months, maybe one for each season to show you what I’m using on my face regularly, makeup-wise at that point.

This is the makeup bag I’m currently using; it was one of my stocking fillers at Christmas and it’s a really pretty aqua colour with a white, purple and bright pink feather type print. Amazingly, it’s from Savers which is surprising as it’s so gorgeous I think!

Makeup Bag 2It’s also a really handy wipe-clean material as when I have a material makeup bag it gets to filthy so quickly, so I’m really glad I’ve got one in this material!

Makeup Bag 3It’s a perfect size to just carry my basic daytime makeup around in.

So the first thing in my makeup bag this month is my primer. I’m currently using the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Primer.

Clarins Instant Smooth

I really love this primer and have been using it since the summer. It’s quite a little pot but it’s lasted a good 6 months I’d say, but I’m now using the scraps from around the edges so I needed to repurchase ASAP! It’s a light pinky coloured cream that makes your skin feel so smooth and flawless. It gives your skin an amazing base to begin your makeup on and really blurs blemishes and areas of pigmented skin.

The next items in my January makeup bag are my current foundation and foundation brush. I own way too many foundations, but most of them I keep on my dressing table as some I reserve for nights out as they’re a much higher coverage, etc. Right now, I’m keeping this Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in my makeup bag as my go-to base product, and I’m applying it with this Nanshy Flawless Foundation F01 brush.

Healthy Mix FoundationPlease excuse the faded writing on the makeup brush as I have used it to absolute death!

So I love this foundation. I was recommended it and as it was only £9.99 I thought why not try it? It’s really great coverage and gives a gorgeous finish however you definitely need a primer with it. I’ve worn this with and without primer, and without primer it does become really patchy I find, especially around the hairline and forehead where it can get quite oily. I also recommend using a mattifying primer and powder as the shine control isn’t amazing with this as the day goes on, however if you use the right products with this, it’s a really, really great daytime foundation. The coverage is definitely medium to full, probably more on the full side, but it can easily be built up.

The foundation brush is from Nanshy and this was the first product I tried from the brand. Beforehand I was using a Beauty Blender to apply my foundation and then I was kindly sent this and it totally changed the game! I’ve been using this to apply foundation ever since. I do still use and love my sponges but I use them more for concealer and blending, and liquid highlighter. This gives a really full and flawless finish and doesn’t leave those stripy marks some foundation brushes do.

It’s been long due for a good wash, so I’m definitely going to be doing that tonight!

Then I’ve got a Chelsea Beautique sponge in my makeup bag.

SpongeI use this to blend concealer under my eyes with the angled part, and with the rounded part, I use to cover blemishes with my skin coloured concealer. I adore this sponge due to the different dimensions, it makes it so handy for getting to different parts of my face.

The next item in my makeup bag is my first concealer, and that’s my skin coloured concealer that I use for blemishes. It’s the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer and I absolutely adore it.

MAC Prolongwear

This is my favourite concealer of all time and is constantly in my makeup bag. It’s amazing coverage, really easy to apply and blendable and lasts all day. It’s raved about by so many people in the beauty industry and I never do my makeup without it!

The next and last concealer in my makeup bag right now is a drugstore one, and it’s the Rimmel Match Perfection concealer.

Rimmel Concealer

I use this for under my eyes every single day; it’s so easy to apply with a little brush and it really brightens up and illuminates my under eyes and is great at covering up the obvious signs of a late night like dark circles and bags. I love it! This also doubles up as a highlighter and looks equally as good as it’s very brightening just as a highlighter should be.

The next items in my makeup bag are my Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting powder and Nanshy powder brush.

Powder and brushYou’ve all heard my rave about this powder multiple times, and it honestly is my go-to powder and has been for well over a year now. I love it and wouldn’t ever stop using it! It’s so perfecting on the skin and makes your base look totally flawless. I also find it great for highlighting under the eyes.

This Nanshy powder brush is perfect; it’s large and fluffy and makes it so easy to quickly and effectively apply powder. I wouldn’t say it’s as good as my old MAC powder brush (damn losing that when drunk) but I still really like it.

Then we’ve got my bronzer and the makeup brush I use to apply it.

Bronzer and brush

Excuse my bronzer’s dirty mirror haha!

So this is my favourite bronzer of all time and it’s the Clarins Bronzing Duo SPF 15 Mineral Powder Compact. I love this because I find with a lot of bronzers, they come out so strong and so dark and make you look really orange. This gives you a perfect bronzed brown look, and the colour payoff it’s perfect. It looks really subtle on the face, and I actually use this for contouring too because the shades look so natural.

I use my MAC 168 brush to apply as it’s angled and really soft and is great for making your face appear slimmer and cheekbones more chiselled. I carry this around with my all the time and have gotten through about 3 as it’s such an amazing makeup brush.

Next up in this months makeup bag is my highlighter and the brush I use to apply it.

Highlighter and brushThe highlighter that is my absolutely holy grail and never leaves my makeup bag is MAC‘s Soft & Gentle. You’ve probably used it, love it, or have at least heard people rave about it. It’s a perfect pinky nude pearlescent highlighter that looks so natural, yet you can build it up for a much more dramatic highlight.

I apply it with my Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Sculpt brush. I adore this brush, seriously. It’s so gorgeous and luxurious and delicately applys the product. So far I’ve only used it for highlighter but I’m excited to try this for contouring too. It’s not a cheap brush, it’s £35, but it’s a great investment, and if you’re feeling like you want to treat yourself to a luxurious and useful makeup tool, go for this.

Next up is my holy grail makeup bag blusher.

NARS blusher

NARS blusher in Orgasm is a beauty industry favourite and it’s no different for me. Again, like my Clarins bronzer, the colour is so rich and pigmented yet the colour payoff is perfect and not too bright like it looks like it may be. It’s a perfect sugary pink and looks amazing on the apples of your cheeks to perk your face up. Love it.

Then there’s my go-to daily eyeshadows, with this Benefit eyeshadow palette.

Eyeshadow PaletteIt’s the World Famous Neutrals Most Glamorous Nudes ever palette and I use it everyday. It comes with 4 shadows and 2 little metallic gel eyeshadow pots which I don’t use very much. As you can see I have used the nude shade a lot as I’ve hit pan with it. I generally use the nude and then take the darkest brown in the crease and blend. It’s a really great palette, the shadows are really pigmented, blendable and last all day.

My two everyday eyeshadow brushes which I always carry around with me are both from MAC.

MAC brushesThe left one is the 234 and the right one is the 239. I’ve used the 239 for about 2 years now and I absolutely adore it. It’s so good for applying a base eyeshadow. The 234 has dual sides, and is perfect for packing on a glitter shadow and then blending in the crease with the other side.

MAC brush

Next up, which I can barely squeeze into my makeup bag is my HD Brows Eye & Brow Pro Palette.

Brow palette

As you can see the palette is huge. I’ve only used it on my brows as of yet but I think I’m going to try it on my eyes this weekend! I really love this, as there’s so much product and it’s such a good quality palette. The bottom left brown shade is the shade I use everyday, but I will use all of the colours when I’m going out and have time to actually do a full gradient blended brow.

To apply the brow product, I use this Chelsea Beautique brush.

Brow brushI use the angled end to apply brow product as it gives a really angled and defined finish.

Next up in this months makeup bag is my mascara from Maybelline. See, I can do drugstore if I put my mind to it!

Maybelline lash sensationThis is my favourite mascara of all time. It’s the Lash Sensational mascara, and it only costs £7.99. I’ve tried every mascara under the sun, and this is way better than any high end one I’ve tried. It seperates, lengthens and thickens the lashes. It’s easy to take off, it doesn’t flake off or leave any fall out or smudge. It’s cheap, it’s amazing, I love it. If you haven’t bought this mascara yet, go out and get it immediately. It’s bloody great.

There’s no eyeliner in my makeup bag right now as I’m starting to reserve it for evening wear only. I like to make my eyeliner perfect and it just takes too long when I’m doing a quick daytime face before I rush out! I love my black liquid flicks but I’m reserving them for the evening currently, just for any of you wondering where the eyeliner is!

Then, I’ve got my all time favourite product in the whole entire world; Soar by MAC lipliner.

MAC soar

I’ve been non stop buying this for about a year and a half now and I just cannot get enough. It’s the perfect mauve pink shade that’s so versatile and adaptable. You can press lightly and blend to get a perfect pale nude pink, or press harder for a deeper pink shade. I wear this pretty much every day and do not leave the house without it!

Then there’s my everyday lippie, of course, from MAC again in shade Crème Cup.

MAC Creme cupIt’s an absolutely gorgeous pale pink shade, perfect for everyday wear and it goes amazingly with Soar. It’s creamy with a semi matte/cream sheen finish. Again, I don’t leave the house without this little beauty!

And lastly, of course I have a lip balm in my makeup bag. My lips are so dry and chapped and generally gross right now, I constantly am pulling dry skin off even after exfoliating them, and so I need to constantly apply lip balm. Vaseline can actually send up making your lips drier so I’ve taken to using this Lotil lip balm.

Lip balmIt’s really good at locking in moisture and really cheap, so it’s perfect for carrying about especially during these harsh winter months!

So, we’ve come to the end of this blog! I hope you enjoyed reading about what I carry about in my daily makeup bag. Let me know what products you carry around in your makeup bag this month by tweeting me @btongirlprobs.

All my love BGP xx

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*This blog post is NOT sponsored, however the Clarins primer and bronzer, Lotil lip balm, Nanshy foundation brush and HD Brows palette are PR samples that I’ve grown to love. As always opinions are 100% my own*