A Weekend At The Felbridge


A little while back, me and my mum went for a pampering weekend at the Felbridge Hotel & Spa in East Grinstead, and I’m here to tell you all about it!

So I’ve stayed at the Felbridge once before with my boyfriend but let’s be honest, men aren’t the best company at spas; they don’t really understand the whole concept of cleansing your soul and your pores and not getting chlorine in your bleached hair. So yeah, this time I went with my mumma!

I absolutely love the beds at the Felbridge, they are literally the comfiest things EVER.




Our room was really gorgeous, modern and spacious with a sofa and desk area too which was good as it meant there was a lot of space to get ready in the evening and spread our things out!




imageThe bathroom was something to definitely shout about (in a good way of course!)

Now all you ladies will understand when I say this; going away with your boyfriend is fine when it comes to getting ready. You spend 2 hours with your beauty products spread out in the bathroom and then 20 minutes before you’re due to go out he jumps in the shower, throws a shirt on and puts some wax in his hair and you’re good to go. He doesn’t hog mirrors or take up any space and that’s just how you like it!

However when you’re away with a fellow female, things tend to get a little bit difficult and cramped when it comes to bathroom and getting ready space.

Well…that’s what I feared until I walked into the bathroom!

imageTWO SINKS AND A MASSIVE MIRROR?! Me and my mum were bloody overjoyed!

imageThere was lots of mini Elemis goodies in the bathroom to use.


We then went down to the bar area for a spot of light lunch before we used the lovely spa facilities.

My mum opted for the Brie and Caramelised Red Onion Marmalade toasted sandwich as she literally loves anything with the words ‘caramelised’ and ‘red onion’ in and according to her it was lovely.


When I went last time with my boyfriend, I went for the Cajun Chicken Wrap which was probably one of THE best things I’ve ever eaten. You know when you eat something somewhere and you literally remember it months and months on because it was so, SO good? Yeah that. So I ordered it again, obvs.


I’m actually salivating looking at this photo whilst writing this. I would happily travel to East Grinstead every single day just to eat this!

We then went to use the spa facilities.

There’s a lovely oval swimming pool in the centre of the Spa area, with chairs around the edges.


You walk down a few steps and there’s an area with sofa seating.


If you go round the corner you come to the area where the Jacuzzi is, along with loungers, and the sauna and steam room. I didn’t get a photo of the lounge area as there were people laying about in their swimwear and that may have looked a tad weird of me!


We enjoyed pornstar martinis and prosecco in the Jacuzzi and on the loungers which was probably the most relaxing thing ever.

CocktailsProsecco jacuzzi

It was the most relaxing and lovely day ever relaxing around the pool, Jacuzzi and going in and out of the sauna and steam room. We were feeling really sleepy by this point (alcohol and heat does this to you!) so we headed back up to our room to begin to get ready for the evening.

BathWe then headed down to the Bay Tree Restaurant for dinner.

To start, we shared the bread to start with, as I absolutely love bread in restaurants. That sounds like a very strange statement but it’s so much fresher and more delicious!


My mum ordered the risotto whilst I went for the Cumberland sausages.

Sausage and mashFor dessert, mum had a pear tart and I opted for the profiteroles upon recommendation from a girl on Twitter, however I love chocolate profiteroles, and these were caramel and also frozen on the inside making them a little difficult to eat. I think I’ll always be a chocolate girl at heart!


The next morning it was time for us to have our treatments as there wasn’t space on the Saturday.

I didn’t take any photos in the actual treatment area as the lighting was very dim and it was silent, so apologies!

My mum had a full body massage which she said was lovely and I had a Body Sculpting Cellulite And Colon Therapy which is a 55 minute long treatment and was literally amazing! It’s specialised to stimulate blood flow and drain away fluid and it concentrates on the hip and thigh area. There’s still a lot of massage techniques involved and I would definitely go for that again.

Outside of the spa area there is a wall full of glass cabinets with lots of different skincare goodies you can purchase. I am a skincare addict so it was like staring into heaven!

Skin 1Skin 2Skin 3

Our stay was really relaxing and lovely and I thoroughly recommend it for couples, friends, mother and daughter – whichever. There’s everything you could wish for, from a more vibrant and lively side with the bar, or the more relaxing side with the spa area and treatments, whichever route you want to go down it’s a really lovely weekend away!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll speak to you all very soon!

All my love BGP xx


*Our stay and treatments at the Felbridge was kindly given to us on a complimentary basis however all opinions are 100% my own*