Valentines Lingerie & Scents

Hi everyone!

So Valentines Day is fast approaching and I’m sorry to say but I am excited for it. Yes, I admit it – when I was single I hated everything about it except the fact that sometimes those little red Lindtt balls would be on offer for £3.99 but apart from that, it wasn’t my favourite day of the 365.

This is now my second Valentines Day with man (you know how pregnant people say ‘with child’, I’ve decided to say with man, just FYI), and many of you reading this will be with man, with woman, with person, or by yourself which is equally fab as you can take inspiration from this blog post and treat yourself to something wonderful even if you’re not wearing it for anyone but yourself!

I’m pretty much going to talk through some beautiful lingerie and perfume to give you inspiration for February 14th.

So, let’s get on with the post.

First, let’s talk about Valentine’s Day Lingerie.

It’s just so gorgeous at this time of the year – silks, satins, lace, stunning, rich, jewel tones. I love it!

The first set I’ve chosen is this beautiful pink set from Ann Summers.

Pink Bra 1Pink Bra 2Pink Thong 1Pink Thong 2

This a perfect set, with girlish but rich tones, and gorgeous lighter lace edging. You don’t need to have garlands of black lace and suspenders on Valentines Day; a pretty set like this ticks all the boxes.

Shop the bra here;

Shop the thong here;

Next up is another set from Ann Summers.

Floral Bra 2Floral Bra 1

Floral Thong 1Floral Thong 2

I adore this set. It’s absolutely stunning; the black lace makes it perfect for Valentines Day and the bright floral detailing add a unique edge to it. The style of the bra, which is longline, makes it great if you’re a bit self conscious about your boobs as it’s a great shape for accentuating them.

Shop the bra here;

Shop the thong here;

The next set is a beautiful bright purple set from Huit.

Purple Bra 1

Purple Bra 2Purple Knickers 1

Purple Knickers 2

This is one of my favourite sets of them all. Perfect for the girl who’s a little tummy conscious, these high waisted knickers will smooth and nip, whilst looking stunning at the same time. The bright, pretty bra is ideal for big or small boobed girls as it’s so complimentary.

Shop the bra here;

Shop the bottoms here;

Next up is the second set in this post from Huit.

Green Bra 1Green Bra 2Green Knickers 1Green Knickers 2

This set is so different to anything that I’ve seen before. The bra is absolutely beautiful; it doesn’t just have normal vertical straps, it has delicate little lace shoulder caps, making it totally unique to anything in your underwear drawer. Silky bottoms with matching lace detailing that are also comfy to wear, make this one of my favourite sets of them all.

Shop the bra here;

Shop the knickers here;

Lastly from Huit we’ve got this little number.

Blue Bra 1Blue Bra 2Blue Knickers 1Blue Knickers 2Want a bra that’s a little bit different, and not your normal balconette? This is the one for you. Black with lashings of gorgeous glittery navy blue, cut out sections and padded cups, and again, comfy underwear that still manages to look amazing with bow detailing and the same entwined glitter.

Shop the bra here;

Shop the knickers here;

Then we’ve got this plain and simple but ultra sexy and wearable set from Mariemeili.

Black lace 1Black lace 2Black knickers 2Black knickers 1This is a set for those who want something wearable, perhaps under an evening outfit, something that isn’t full of big bows and lashings of neon lace. It’s gorgeous and sophisticated and can be worn anytime, anywhere.

Shop the set here;

Last but of course not least, there’s this set from B.Tempt’d.

Beige Bra 2Beige Bra 1Beige Knickers 2Beige Bra 3Want to invest in a set that is still wearable every other day of the year apart from Valentines? This type of set is the one for you. Muted cappuccino and lime tones, with lace and bow detailing, it’s a pretty and girly set that’s perfect for the 14th, but can also be worn under any outfit you like. It’s an investment piece for all year round rather than just one day of the year.

Shop the bra here;

Shop the knickers here;

So that’s the lingerie side of things sadly over and done with…now it’s onto perfume!

Valentines Scents

There’s two perfumes that I am currently loving for February 14th. Well, actually for all year round, but especially for Valetine’s day!

The first scent I love is Sweet Bow by Arun Virdi.

Arun Virdi Sweet Bow 1ArhThis is the ideal scent for Valentines Day; a floral scent with overlaps of fresh fruit, with soothing aloe vera. Gently entwined is a blend of sweet white blossoms, jasmine, lily pollen, and white musk.

The bottle is simplistic and sophisticated, and compliments any dressing table whilst you’re getting ready for your big Valentines night.

Shop Sweet Bow here;

The next scent I love for Valentines is La Parum Rose Couture by Elie Saab.

Elie Saab 2

Elie Saab 1

Again, a beautiful floral perfume, with less fruity scents than Sweet Bow, and more musky undertones.

With notes of peony, silken petals, rose, vanilla, jasmine, sandalwood and patchouli, this is a lovely scent for a daytime Valentines Date, or to spritz around your bedroom alongside lighting some candles.

You can shop Rose Couture here;,default,pd.html

So, we’ve reached the end of my Valentines blog post. I really hope you enjoyed it as much as I loved creating it. I hope you all enjoy Valentines day whatever you’re doing, whether you’re spending it with a loved one, watching a film and gorging on chocolates by yourself, or out with friends or in with family. Have a lovely day and indulge yourself!

Speak soon!

All my love BGP xx


*This post contains PR samples but as always opinions are 100% my own*