How To Feel Confident Without Makeup

Hi everyone!

I love makeup. I absolutely adore it. It’s my passion, and has been since I first had my weekly Groovy Chick magazine subscription (90s girls will know!) and got my silver glitter eyeshadow stick that I made my mum apply for me everytime I went to a birthday party.

I loved how you could buy a product and use it to enhance your features, make you feel more confident and more glamorous, and add something to your face.

Of course as I’ve grown older, Groovy Chick eyeshadow sticks have been swapped for MAC pigments and Charlotte Tilbury palettes, but the passion has remained. Makeup is something I’m building a career on in the form of my blog, which I’m so grateful for and happy about as makeup and writing are 2 of my biggest passions in life, and to work with brands whom I’ve admired and used for years is an absolute blessing.

There was a time, not even that long ago, that the thought of leaving the house without makeup made me feel sick. The thought of people I knew seeing what my natural face looked like without makeup gave me butterflies and a rash. People would know I had spots, red blotches, under eye bags, that my eyebrows weren’t perfect and I didn’t have ridiculously long eyelashes and that my cheekbones were pretty much non existent. They’d know that I wasn’t naturally perfect!

I cannot pinpoint a time when I started to feel confident going out without makeup on, but I think one day I didn’t have time or just couldn’t be bothered so I did it, and realised that the world didn’t end simply because I have dark circles. So I started doing it more, and more, and more until I realised I couldn’t give a sh*t if someone thought I look totally different without makeup, or noticed that I’ve got a spot, or that my lips weren’t as full. This is my face, it’s the only face I’ve got, and I’m bloody well proud of it!

I adore makeup and always will; there’s nothing I love more than putting a full face on, contouring, cut creasing, gradiating my brows; but I wanted to share my top tips with you all on how to feel confident without makeup, for those days when you simply cannot be arsed.

Get A Good Skincare Routine

Night RepairWant to feel confident going bare faced? Sort your skincare routine out.

Wiping your makeup off at the end of the day and going to bed simply isn’t enough; although all your makeup looks like it’s been taken off, it really hasn’t. When you cleanse and tone, and see the amount of gunk on your cotton pad, you’ll realise how much grime makeup wipes leave behind!

Cleansing, toning, moisturising, and using a good cream and serum and exfoliator are key in looking and feeling great without makeup. Your skin will be smoother and more even, you’ll have less dark circles if you invest in a good eye cream, and it’ll be firmer, plumper, brighter and you’ll have less spots and blemishes. Skincare = NECESSITY! Oh – and water’s pretty damn important too!

Surround Yourself With Good People

Charlotte TilburyYou don’t want people in your life who make comments about you not wearing makeup in a negative manner and make you feel like you need to wear it. That goes for friends and partners. As I’m an agony aunt for Chimnee App, I get a lot of girls saying that their boyfriends have said they don’t like them without makeup, and make them feel uncomfortable when they don’t wear it. You don’t need people like that in your life!

You want a man/woman/person in your life who tells you that you are beautiful with a full on smoky eye, red lip and contour, or without a scrap of makeup on and greasy hair. There’s no point wasting your life with someone who doesn’t make you feel like the most beautiful and majestic creature ever to set foot on this planet!

Realise You’re Beautiful No Matter What

Party Season 1

Look at yourself with no makeup on, and pick out all the things that are great about yourself. The way you can see your freckles, how bright your eyes look, how lovely the natural colour and shape of your lips are. There are so many beautiful things about yourself, you just need to recognise them. Don’t be ashamed and keep your head down when you’re out and about with no makeup on – hold your head up high and be proud of what your natural face looks like. It’s yours, you’re the only person with that face, it is beautiful to so many people, and you need to be confident with or without makeup!

I hope you liked this post and that it’s given you a bit of inspiration to embrace your natural beauty. This post isn’t to say that you shouldn’t wear makeup all the time – if you want to, that’s totally your choice, you contour your face and colour in your brows sister! It is simply to say that you shouldn’t be ashamed of what you look like beneath the makeup – you are perfect.

Speak soon my loves.

All my love BGP xx