The Best Things About Brighton

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all doing well.

So todays post is something a little different to my usual beauty themed post, it’s all about my home city, Brighton! Oh – and throughout the post there’s some little snaps of Brighton that I’ve taken!

I was born and bred in Brighton, as I’m sure you can tell by the name of my blog, and I love it. Brighton has everything, the sea, night life, daytime activities, really great shopping, restaurants, bars and cafes and parks; you can get the train to London in 45 minutes or you can drive to a country pub in about 15. It’s a perfect place to live, and I cannot wait to raise my future children here!

So without further ado, on with the post!

Brighton 1

The Shopping

In Brighton, we are lucky enough to have Churchill Square, which is home to a giant flagship Topshop, a Superdrug, huge Debenhams, Miss Selfridge, Zara, Warehouse, River Island and many more. We also have a giant Boots, H&M, Primark, New Look, a MAC, Bobbi Brown, Space NK, Body Shop, Aveda, Jigsaw, Whistles, and so much more! There really is something for everyone. Okay, so it’s no Oxford Street or Bluewater/Westfields – but it’s still pretty great.

Brighton 2The Restaurants & Cafes

We have some really fab places to eat here in Brighton. Everything from your usual McDonalds and Pret and Jamie’s Italian and Strada, to places that are unique to Brighton, like Curry Leaf Café, Café Coho, Coal Shed and The Salt Room which are all really amazing places to eat! The Lanes are full of cute little cafes that do great food too, and if you have a walk you’ll be sure to find a lovely little place that does afternoon tea.

Brighton 3The Night Life

Okay, so West Street and the clubs down the Seafront may not be the most glamorous venues, but when you’ve had a jagerbomb or ten, they can be fun! I would say I’m past the stage of going to all those places now, as I’ve been so many times and they’re just not that exciting anymore when you’ve been there and done that, and I generally prefer a good bar that does amazing cocktails and you can dress up but still sit and chat whilst slowly getting drunk and happy!

I would say my favourite bar is definitely Browns Bar, which is the bar for Browns restaurant, but next door. It’s such a nice setting, really glam and classy, and they do the best cocktails. My favourite is the Raspberry Collins, it’s absolutely delicious. I don’t really like drinks that taste of alcohol, and that one doesn’t, which I suppose is dangerous because you don’t realise how drunk you’re actually getting!

Brighton 5

The Seafront/Beach

Okay, so Brighton beach isn’t exactly comfortable – if you’re from Brighton, or have ever been, you will know it is covered in pebbles and there isn’t really a patch of sand, but in the summer it is great. It’s always packed, and the promenade at that bottom is lined with bars, live music, and people drinking and having fun in the sun. It really is an amazing place to stay drinking until the early hours from midday, as long as you have something comfortable to sit on!

Brighton 6The Lanes

There are two different ‘Lanes’ in Brighton – the North Lanes and The Lanes. The North Lanes are full of unique and independent shops and cafes, and The Lanes is more jewellery shops and high end shops. I love them both equal amounts, you could literally spend an entire day exploring them!

Brighton 7The People

Brighton is full of every type of person you could imagine. We are the gay capital of the UK, therefore the vast majority of us are very open minded and couldn’t care less whether someone is gay, bi, straight, transgender, has blue hair, green hair, is any race or nationality or gender or what not! Brighton is full of interesting and wacky people, therefore most of us Brightonians don’t even blink if we see Disco Pete, or someone with a rainbow Mohawk, or a band in the middle of the street performing. There’s interesting and fun people everywhere and I love it.

Brighton 8

Things To Do

We have a cinema, an ice rink during the Winter months, a shopping centre, a Pier, the pavilion, the Brighton Centre, the Theatre Royal, the Dome – so much to do!  There’s always something to do in Brighton, no matter how bored or how skint you are, and no matter what the weather is like!

And last but not least, a recent amazing discovery that I just had to add in…

Auntie AnnesAuntie Anne’s

So I recently discovered Auntie Anne’s in Churchill Square – a little pretzel place snuggled away and oh my lord, I am in love. Today I tried their new Pretzel Nuggets with cinnamon and they were probably the best things I’ve ever eaten in my life. This is very dangerous as I will probably be back on a daily basis to get them, and probably convince all of you to as well, but I couldn’t keep this to myself. They are absolutely delicious and deserved a place in this blog! I went on their website and discovered they also have shops outside of Brighton, thank goodness, so for you un-Brightonians, you’re in luck!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll speak to you all on Wednesday!

All my love BGP xx