A Letter To My Younger Self

Hi everyone!

So today is a very different type of blog post to anything I’ve done before. I recently made a big long list of all different types of blogs I want to create for you all in the coming months and this was one of them.

We all wish we could go back and tell our younger selves something; whether it is to stop crying over a boy or not to touch our eyebrows, there’s always something. And today, I’m going to be sharing with you, a letter to my younger self.

Dear Younger Self,

First and foremost; please don’t touch your eyebrows. I know right now it’s 2006 and having wafer thin eyebrows with an arch as high as Arc de Triumph is seen as hip and cool, but I promise you that in a decade when you’re applying copious amounts of Fenugreek seeds and almond oil onto your brows to make them grow, you will regret it. Seriously, seriously regret it.

Secondly, stay away from the orange foundation. You are shade Ivory, not shade Deep Mahogany. If you do insist on wearing shade Darkest Sand, then please at least bother to fake tan so that your body matches your face. You currently look like a Calipo ice lolly with a white wrapper.

Tell the girl who attacked you and who is bullying you to f*ck off. Stop being so scared, because years on, whilst you are carving out your career, she is a nobody, who you bumped into a year ago and her eyes fell to the floor. She is not big and scary, she is pathetic. If only you could see how much better your life is going to get. Your life after school is going to be more than you ever imagined.

Stop being ashamed of being skinny. Stop force feeding yourself huge bowls of pasta and mashed potato and gallons of milk, just to try and gain weight. You are not a freak, you just have a small frame. Who cares that you don’t have big boobs? There’s more to life than your bust.

Your life right now, which revolves around hating school, is not going to be like this forever. Keep up your love of writing, and reading, because in years to come, you’ll still be doing it, only to an ever growing audience of thousands and thousands this time. Yes, there will be thousands of people reading what you have to say – approximately 65,000 to be precise!

In years to come, you’re going to discover something called contouring – it will change your life.

Don’t take life too seriously – enjoy being young and not having to pay rent and buy orange juice and toothpaste and applying anti ageing eye cream.

Oh and one more thing. I know you think boys are immature and disgusting now, but let me tell you, they get so, so much worse.

Lots of love,

Your Older Self

I hope you all liked this post – it was strange to write it! I felt like I was actually writing to my teenage self!

Speak soon, lovelies.

All my love BGP xx