Primark Haul March 2016

Hi everyone!

Today is a bit of a different post, and something I’ve never done before…it’s a Primark Haul!

I really do like Primark – I find that in the past few years, their range of clothes and accessories has really gone up a notch, and they’re really on trend. I always love to set aside some time to have a good old browse in there, and that’s what I did recently, so I thought I’d share my purchases with you all!

So the first thing I picked up, were these gorgeous caged, suede effect, lace up orange heels.

Primark 1Primark 2Primark 3Primark 4

I can’t explain how surprised I was to find these in Primark – I absolutely love them, and would’ve thought they were from Aldo, or maybe even Zara. They’re such a gorgeous, bright colour, perfect for Spring and Summer, to wear with a black or white dress, or even jeans and a nice top. I think these were only about £16 as well, which is so good for a pair of heels!

Next up, another pair of shoes, however flats this time.

Primark 5Primark 6Primark 8Primark 7I’ve been seeing people where lace up pumps for ages now, so when I saw these for just £8 in Primark I knew I had to have them. They also had them in black, tan and khaki which I also want to get, however this deep purple shade really stood out for me so I chose these. They’re a lovely faux suede material and I cannot wait to wear them!

The next thing I picked up were these adorable little shorts for only £2.50. I thought they’d be perfect for bed, or lounging about.

Primark 9

Primark 10Primark 11Primark 12

These were unbelievably cheap, and such gorgeous Spring colours and patterns. These would also be perfect for a Summer holiday, when you just want to pull something on to go for lunch, as they’re so comfy and soft.

Next up, is this lovely faux leather orange tote bag.

Primark 21Primark 23Primark 24Primark 22I feel like this will be so perfect for Summer, especially for the beach as it’s a gorgeous bright colour, and really spacious to fit lots of bits in.

Next, was a pack of rings I thought were pretty. I’ve seen lots of people wearing this style of jewellery recently so thought I’d pick some up for myself as they were only a couple of pounds!

Primark 13Primark 19Primark 18Primark 20

And lastly, was this lovely pastel coloured makeup/toiletry bag.

Primark 17Primark 15Primark 14Primark 16This is so big, and perfect for taking away for the weekend or a holiday as you can fit loads of bits inside it. The colours are so lovely as well – I think this was only £5 as well!

I also picked up a few more clothing items, like my ridiculously comfy pyjamas which I posted about on Twitter, and a few tees and a swimming costume; but I have inconveniently worn all of them and they’re in the wash. I want to go back to Primark and pick up some more bits so I’m going to do another haul soon, and include them in that one!

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and I’ll speak to you all very soon!

All my love BGP xx