New In Beauty: The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops

Hi everyone!

It’s another New In Beauty post today, where I talk to you about the latest launches in the beauty industry. These aren’t reviews; the reviews come later. This is just showing you what’s new and what’s available.

Today, I’m showing you The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops.

Body shop shade drops 1Now, we’ve all been there with foundation; you bought your foundation when you were tanned, and now you’re not and it’s too dark. Or, vice versa, you were pale when you bought it, now you’ve got a tan; it’s too light.

That’s where The Body Shop’s latest launch come in; the shade adjusting drops do the job for you instead of having to go and repurchase the correct colour.

body shop 2So, I’m sure you’ll know what both of them do and I won’t need to explain! The darkening drops contain a concentrate of black and red pigments, to help darken. One drop will make your foundation half a shade darker. This will work with most liquid foundations.

Body shop shade drops 3The lightening drops help to neutralise yellow tones whilst also lightening. Again, a drop will make your foundation half a shade lighter.

I’ll be getting back to you on what I think of these once I’ve fully tried them, but so far so good. It was about time the beauty industry created something like this, and who better than The Body Shop?

Have you tried the lightening or darkening drops yet? Let me know!

Speak soon.

All my love BGP xx