Makeup Is An Art, And People Need To Get Used To It

Luxury 3There’s something that has really been getting on my last nerve lately, and probably a lot of your nerves too.

Constantly obstructing my newsfeed with negativity, is continuous shared posts, and comments, mainly from men, about makeup being a mask, being fake, and how you should ‘take her swimming on a first date’ – the last one being ludicrous because I could literally dunk my head under the chlorine filled water (which I wouldn’t, cos highlights), and my Urban Decay setting spray would leave my perfectly contoured face totally in tact.

I digress; the point of this blog post, is to get the message out there. Makeup is an art form.

Naked skin 1

Tattoos are considered an art form, so why isn’t makeup. Why isn’t taking products in a rainbow of different colours, and applying them with brushes and sponges, and creating something beautiful, art? Well, it is. And all the makeup bashers out there need to start getting used to it.

I only have to go onto some of my favourite YouTubers or bloggers photos, for example Nikkie Tutorials, and see the hate streaming out from people. Saying she wears too much, it’s a mask, it looks horrible. To begin with, she looks flawless so their opinions are irrelevant. And secondly…it effects you and your life, because?

What someone else puts on their face has nothing to do with you. If I want to wear 6 different shades of eyeshadow and contour my lips, my God I will. Wild horses aren’t gonna keep me from my makeup bag.

Charlotte TilburyOver the past few years, makeup has become bigger than ever; new tricks and application tips have been invented, and learning how to copy even the top makeup artists has never been easier, which blogs and YouTube tutorials.

If makeup is what makes you happy, then don’t let anyone take that away from you. I know that buying a new eyeshadow palette or lipstick or setting spray brings me more joy than most human interactions do. No one can take that away from you; makeup is a way for us to express ourselves in the form of personal art on our faces. And all the makeup bashers out there need to swallow that sour pill and accept that fact.

All my love BGP xx