What’s In My Bag? April 2016

Hi everybody!

Today’s blog post is something I’ve never done before – it’s a What’s In My Bag blog post. This type of thing is predominantly done on YouTube, but obviously I’m not on YouTube yet, so I’m doing it over on my blog!

For anyone of those who don’t know what it is, I basically show you the bag I’m using at the moment, and everything that’s in it.

Let’s get on with it!

So that bag I’m using at the moment, is this beauty from Zara.

Zara bag 3It’s the City Bag With Fastening Detail and it cost me £35.99.

I absolutely love it. I think it’s such a classic bag, and perfect for all year round. When I saw it in Zara I literally hyperventilated, it was like a slow motion moment where I saw it sitting on a shelf and was like HELLO HONEY.

Zara bag 4It’s a boxy triangular shape, which I really like as I don’t own any bags this shape. I think it’s quite an old fashioned style, very 40s/50s!

Zara bag 7It has a gold buckle and lock which is brilliant because the majority of my jewellery is gold, and also the majority of the buckles and zips on my shoes are gold too.

Zara bag 1It has a short strap and then a longer strap inside; I use the short one, as I prefer tote style bags to shoulder bags.

Zara bag 5The back of it is very simplistic with pocket detailing and a gold button.

Zara bag 2I don’t own many Zara bags, whenever I go in there I always see beautiful bags but I never actually think to look in there for bags, so I’m literally over the moon I went in there and found this little baby!

The inside of the bag is also very simple, with a nude lining and one simple zip up pocket.

Now, let’s talk about what I’m keeping in this little Zara number right now.

First of all, is my Accessorize purse.

Bag 1It’s actual a travel wallet, but I find any purse I buy to be way too small for all my crap so this is perfect. It’s a gorgeous soft, mottled rose gold.

Bag 2I’ve got way too much in here and really need to clear it out, as you can see there’s a bundle of useless receipts! I’ve got all my cards and about 60 different loyalty cards for every supermarket and shop under the sun. As you can see, I haven’t sorted my purse out for this post, as I wanted to show you what is genuinely in my bag – however messy.

Next up, is my sunglasses.

Bag 3Bag 4These are my beloved Tommy Hilfiger tortoise shell speckled sunglasses and I absolutely adore them. They go with everything and they look amazing with a bold red lip! They were around £135 I think.

The next item, is my beloved Tangle Angel hair brush.

Bag 7I literally love this brush more than anything, it’s like something out of a Disney film! They do all different colours and sizes but this is definitely my favourite, plus it’s perfect handbag size. It’s also amazing at detangling.

Then there’s my iPhone. Obviously this wasn’t in my bag for this post, as let’s be honest, if we are pottering about at home, our phone doesn’t leave our side, but as this is a What’s In My Bag post, and if I go out my phone is always in my bag, I thought I’d include it!

Bag 5This is the rose gold/pink (not sure which to be honest) iPhone 6s and I love it. My iPhone 5 before this was just bloody horrendous; I had no memory, it constantly crashed and froze, and was just generally shit, so I’m loving having this in my life. 17,000 photos in my camera roll and it hasn’t told me my memory is full yet. Woohoo.

Next is a necessity for anyone out and about – Apple headphones. Or any headphones really, but I have found Apple ones to break a lot less than others!

Bag 8I always keep these in my bag, mainly for things like train journeys, but also if I’m out and about and see someone in the distance who I know and don’t want to speak to (basically 99% of people). Headphones in, head down, stare at the pavement until you pass them. JOB DONE.

Next, of course, is makeup.

Bag 6I don’t take a makeup bag out with me in this bag as it’s too small, so I always bring my 3 essentials with me – my compact, the current one I have in my bag is the Bobbi Brown bronzing powder, it also has a mirror which is handy. My Urban Decay concealer, because it’s amazing for under eyes and brightening the face, so I take it absolutely everywhere with me. And my MAC lipstick in shade ‘Brave’ as it’s a perfect nude pink to throw on anytime with any outfit.

As this is a totally honest blog post about what is in my bag, here’s some sanitary towels.

Bag 9Yep, this probably isn’t what most people include in their ‘What’s In My Bag’ blogs and videos but, having a period is part of pretty much every womans life and you’ve got to be prepared. So there you go.

Next, is something that is with me wherever I go, Batiste dry shampoo.

Bag 10I am unexplainably lazy when it comes to washing my hair, plus the less I wash it, the better condition I find it is in, so dry shampoo is my best friend. Thanks Batiste for your wonderful cans of saviour for us lazy girls. Blush is probably my favourite one of theirs, so I’ve always, always, always got it in my bag. Love this stuff.

Then there’s a pile of paper and general shit that we all have at the bottom of our bags – train tickets, maps, and paperwork I’ve meant to return to people signed and dated and never have.

Bag 12

Then, there’s my Carex hand sanitizer, because let’s be honest, you never know if you’re touching a railing that someone who doesn’t wash their hands after they go to the toilet has also touched. Vom.

Bag 11Obviously I’ve got my door key so that I can into my home where my makeup and clothes and food are – basically the 3 most important things.

Bag 13And last but not least, my Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Hand Cream – pretty much the best hand cream ever. It’s so moisturising and doesn’t leave your hands feeling sticky and gross. Plus, it smells amazing.

Bag 14So, that’s what’s in my bag at the moment! Not overly exciting, but the honest truth about what I carry around with me at the moment. I’m not going to pretend I take my best perfume, or loads of exciting stuff around with me because let’s be honest…I don’t. I take my sunnies to cover any eyeliner mistakes and avoid people, and my sanitary products. Soz.

I hope you enjoyed this, and I’ll speak to you all soon!

All my love BGP xx