The Ways Having A Blog Has Changed My Life

It may sound silly to say that creating a blog back in 2013 has changed my life, but it really has, and I’m sure most bloggers can vouch for that.

Today I wanted to create a post, to sing the praises of blogs, and to tell you all the ways my life has changed since I created mine!

 Having Somewhere To Put Your Thoughts

It really is great having a platform to create content on during difficult, and wonderful, times in your life. When you’re in a bad mood, you’ve got something to put your energy into, in the form of blogging. When you buy something you love, you can share it with people. When something happens in your life, you can post all about it. You can post about anything and everything, any time you want.

The Opportunities

I never expected my blog to become anything other than a website a few people read every now and again, but it became much more than that. It is so flattering when a brand contacts you to say they want to work with you, or that they love your blog. My blog has brought me so many opportunities that I am so grateful for. I can treat myself to things and go to places I never could have before, and I feel so blessed for that.


Having a blog has given me so much more confidence as a person. Having people praise your work, and listen to your opinions, fills you with such confidence as a person, and it’s confidence I certainly never had before, so for that I am forever grateful!

The People

I have discovered some amazing and lovely people because of my blog; incredible people working at the brands I work with, and mainly, the wonderful followers I have, who are continually so kind and supportive towards me. Ella, Lucy, and Georgia, your constant support and lovely words every day doesn’t go unnoticed.

Being Able To Help

Helping people has completely changed my outlook on everything; when I get emails from young women telling me I’ve helped them with any issues they’ve had in their lives, it really makes me feel on top of the world. It’s changed my life to know that speaking about my own issues has helped other people.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and thank you so much to you all for being a part of my journey!

All my love BGP xx