5 Minutes With Rose Gallagher

Rose GallagherHi everyone!

Today, I’ve got the third post in my 5 Minutes With blog posts, where I do short and snappy interviews with some of the big names in the beauty, fashion, and social media industries.

I am especially excited about todays interviewee; Rose Gallagher, the gorgeous lady behind the fantastic Mixed Gems beauty blog, and an incredibly talented Personal Beauty Shopper at Selfridges in Birmingham.

I’m sure any fellow beauty addicts will be incredibly jealous that a job exists where you help choose high end makeup for people to fit their needs as a career…Seriously jealous.

Anyway, Rose boasts an incredible nearly 19,000 followers on Instagram alone. She shows us the latest beauty releases, which she has access to, along with the amazing makeup looks she has created on herself and others. I’ve followed her for nearly 2 years and been ultra obsessed by everything she does, but I have to be honest and say the Halloween look she created on a friend during October just gone was well…incredible!

Makeup lookHow blimming gorgeous and out of this world is that?! Now you know what I mean when I say Rose has a serious talent!

Anyway, I’m babbling – let’s get on with the interview!

Hi Rose! So, you’re a beauty personal shopper for an amazing store like Selfridges, and a big deal on social media when it comes to beauty. How did you end up getting into the industry?

I used to write a blog while I was at Uni and my most read content was always anything to do with beauty. I also had a really fun job as a makeup-artist at Peaches and Cream while I lived in Liverpool, so I learned from the best when it came to make-up.

When I graduated, I did lots of beauty editorial internships and then fell into different beauty roles. I’m really glad I found this industry, it is so much fun and I love being able to make a person feel brilliant about themselves. I think I get more of a kick from that than the person feeling fabulous in the chair.

What are your Top 5 Holy Grail Beauty Products?

Such a difficult question! But if I had to choose, I think it would be Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation (photographs flawlessly), Zelens Z Matrix Moisturiser (completely resurrects tired/dry skin), Peaches and Cream no.2 lashes (they look like a full set of individuals), Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect lipstick (the perfect pink nude) and RMK Cleansing Balm (the quickest way to cleanse and remove even a full face of makeup).

What is the best piece of skincare advice you could ever give to someone?

When it comes to skincare I think that cleansing is the most important step. I really try and convince everyone to take their make-up off before bed – it makes such a huge difference. Things like Make-up Eraser or the RMK Cleansing Balm I mentioned mean that taking your make-up off can be done effectively and in the same amount of time it would take to use a face wipe. I think that everything else falls into place when you start with a clean canvas.

Do you feel given the opportunity you would beauty blog full time, or is beauty personal shopping always going to be part of your career?

I would definitely love to share my blog with more people and that’s a continuous focus for me, but I really love my job and will always want to work in beauty too. I’ve made so many great friends at work; being on a beauty floor is like inheriting a big group of sisters. And I love meeting people so I think I’d be too lonely at home. Every day is different, I am always getting to know new people and I absolutely love that part of my job.

And finally, what tips could you give someone trying to break into the beauty industry?

I would suggest interning or assisting people that you admire; I was lucky to intern for some incredible ladies and watching them at their work taught me important lessons about how the industry works and how to be an invaluable team member. Use your spare time, practice on friends, find the parts of the industry that you love and go after them because if you’re having fun you won’t even feel like you’re at work.

But as well I think there is too much pressure on people to know exactly what they want to do. Just do something you enjoy while you’re working it all out, that’s the best advice I would give someone. You don’t need all of the answers at this very moment in time. For example I didn’t even know that you could be a Personal Beauty Shopper, and yet the role just fell into my lap and now I love it. Follow your instincts and you won’t go wrong.

Well, thank you SO much Rose for giving such an amazing interview.

You can go and follow Rose at @MixedGemsBeauty on Instagram and Twitter!

Speak soon.

All my love BGP xx