Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette Swatches & Review

Electric 4Hi everyone!

Today’s blog post is all about the gorgeous and downright out of this world Electric Pressed Pigment Palette by Urban Decay.

Now, this may not be to everyones tastes – but when you are an absolute makeup junkie like myself, you want every eyeshadow palette under the sun, whether it’s nudes or neons, shimmer or matte – you want it!

This palette is definitely the brightest and most out there that I own. My sister went to America recently and picked this up for me in Sephora as a present and I was absolutely over the moon.

Electric 3For starters, look at the packaging – just look at it! Isn’t it the most gorgeous packaging you’ve ever seen on a palette before? Yes, yes it is.

Electric 2The palette is made up of 10 gorgeous shades, and what I also love about Urban Decay palettes is the fact they come with a proper eyeshadow brush. Like, so many brands, even the high end brands like Dior, their eyeshadow palettes come with those absolutely useless little sponge applicator. Like seriously, who uses those? No one, that’s who. Literally no one uses those, so stop wasting valuable eyeshadow space with them little spatulas of horror.

electric 1There is a range of textures in the shadows, matte, shimmer and satin.

From the top left, the shades are Revolt, Gonzo, Slowburn, Savage, Fringe, Chaos, Jilted, Urban, Freak and Thrash.

So, I’ve swatched the shadows in two different ways for you. On my arm without fake tan, and on my arm with fake tan, just to show you the pigmentation and colour pay off on different skin tones.

Electric 6

(Left to right; Thrash, Freak, Urban, Jilted, Chaos, Fringe, Savage, Slowburn, Gonzo, Revolt)

Electric 5(Left to right; Thrash, Freak, Urban, Jilted, Chaos, Fringe, Savage, Slowburn, Gonzo, Revolt)

Now, as you can see, they’re way more pigmented on a darker arm, which is good for darker skinned people and girls who fake tan, but not so much for the paler girls (like myself, naturally).

I also really dislike the colour Thrash on the skin; in the palette it’s a lovely neon yellow, but on the skin it literally just looks likeĀ a bruise which I’m really, really not a fan of. I love all the other colours, however I feel that Gonzo and Fringe are very similar once swatched and that they could’ve added another colour like a bright red or a gold or darker green in the palette instead.

Slowburn, Savage, Jilted and Urban are also not for use around the eye, which is stated on the packaging, so if you do get this palette, ensure you just use these on the lid!

So, after trying a few of the shades, I do really like the look, however you definitely need a good eyeshadow primer, or a concealer and then powder on the lid, as the colours are so strong that if you have oily lids, and also now the weather is warmer, the colours will melt off unless you have a strong base.

So, this palette – my thought? An amazing palette for makeup addicts and makeup artists. Great pigmentation and colour pay off, a good colour range, and the shadows are very creamy and easy to apply. An eye base is definitely needed, and so far, I wouldn’t recommend the yellow!

All my love BGP xx