Shopping & Cocktails In Portsmouth

Portsmouth 1Portsmouth 2Portsmouth 3Portsmouth 4Portsmouth 5                      (Bag from Zara)

Portsmouth 6                     (Sandals from Dune)


Yesterday, myself and my boyfriend went to Portsmouth for the day, and I thought I’d share a few photos with you all.

It was really grey and cloudy when we arrived, but before long it was bright sunshine and absolutely boiling!

The main reason we went was to visit Gunwharf Quays as I’ve never been before. We went shopping in the main area beforehand where I went a little crazy in Primark! I also bought a few bits in H&M, and I didn’t try them on stupidly. When we then went for cocktails and were sitting outside I was boiling in my jeans and top so went to the toilets to try on my new H&M bits and change into one of them, but none of them fit and I ended up getting really stressed and upset as I was boiling hot and everything was a million times too small for me!

After the main shopping, we went to Gunwharf Quays which is where there’s a tonne of outlets of pretty much every shop available, high street and designer, for a huge discount.

The only place I wanted to visit there was The Cosmetics Company Store which stocks all high end makeup for a discount. I got £91 worth of makeup for £65 so I was ridiculously happy with that! My boyfriend got bits in Fred Perry, Ralph Lauren and Nike as the discounts were amazing in there, but I didn’t need anything else and plus I’d already spent way too much money!

I am going to show you everything I bought in another blog post as there’s quite a lot.

After lunch we went and sat outside for cocktails looking over the docks with all the boats which was lovely, however it was so hot I can’t even explain. I felt like I was sitting outside a bar in Ibiza!

It was a lovely day and for any of you that haven’t been to Gunwharf Quays, I thoroughly recommend it.

All my love BGP xx