May Favourites 2016

May Faves 14

Hi everyone!

Today I’m showing you my May Favourites. I haven’t done a favourites blog post in ages and when I was doing them more regularly, I just did beauty favourites, but I’ve decided that the things I love each month don’t just surround beauty, so from now on not only am I going to make it my mission to get a favourites blog post up for you every month, I’m also going to show you my favourites from every different category!

Firstly I’ll show you my beauty favourites from this month.

May Faves 1I have been absolutely loving the Bioderma Moisturising Make-Up Removing Micelle Solution.

I’ve used loads of different micellar waters, but this is by far my favourite.

I find a lot of them to be quite harsh on the skin, and make my skin burn, or they’re too watery or not strong enough to remove makeup, but this does everything it needs to do. A handy little bottle, it doesn’t make my skin feel dry and it doesn’t burn. Thoroughly recommend.

Next, is the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm.

May Faves 2

May Faves 3

I bought this in a big Feel Unique order I did last month, as I’d heard Emma Hardie skincare was really good, especially the cleansing balm, so I decided to buy it. It’s not a cheap buy – it cost £38 for this with the cloth as well, but it was definitely worth it.

It smells so fresh and gorgeous, you get a big pot, and it’s so easy to use. You simply put some on your hands with some water, rub it together and it’ll form a white cream formula, rub over your face and then use the cloth to remove the cream along with the grime and leftover makeup.

I was removing my makeup and then using Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, which I do still love, but now I use this instead of the Liz Earle as it makes my skin feel so luxurious and smooth afterwards.

My next favourite is this Espa Lip Balm.

May Fave 4

May Faves 5

I got sent a package from Espa early last year and dipped in and out of using the things, but I had never used the lip balm, until I was looking for one a few weeks ago and ended up using this, and I am so impressed. Every other lip balm I’ve tried so far has been quite frankly crap, and I was losing the will to live as my lips get so dry. But hallelujah, I’ve finally got one that actually hydrates and smooths my lips!

Next is the Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask.

May Faves 12

May Faves 13

Again, something else I got in my Feel Unique order. I have been bleaching my hair since I was about 16, plus using heat on it, so the condition of it ended up getting pretty brittle and dry. I switched to washing it once a week, getting regular cuts and only rarely using heat on it, and the condition has improved so much. I’m trying to get into the habit of using regular masks and treatments on it, and of course Moroccan oil is renowned for being great for hair, so i bought this. It was around £20/£25 I believe, and I absolutely love it.

First of all, it comes in a huge pot. Second, it smells absolutely amazing, and thirdly, it makes my hair smell amazing, feel so silky and luxurious, and it helps to detangle. For anyone that has damaged hair, or just generally hair that’s a bit dry, I thoroughly recommend this.

Next is a few bits of makeup I’ve been loving this month.

First up, is the Urban Decay Naked Concealer.

May Faves 10

I absolutely love this concealer, as most of you already know. It’s so creamy, the coverage is amazing, it doesn’t crease; everything about it is incredible and I can’t recommend it enough!

Next is the Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Sparkling Bellini.

May Faves 6

May Faves 7

I bought this from Debenhams after seeing Zoella talk about it in one of her videos, and I thought it looked gorgeous. And it really, really is.

I swirl my brush around and I get a gorgeous, shimmery pinky coral that looks amazing at this time of year. If you’re looking for a new blusher, I definitely recommend.

Another cheek product is the Laura Geller Baked Color & Contour.

May Faves 8

May Faves 9

This is just such an amazing and handy product. It’s compact, it has a mirror, and it was a contour, highlight, and blush section.

To be honest, the ‘contour’ section, I would say is a bit more of a glow and not so much a contour as I don’t think it’s dark enough, but that doesn’t really matter. The blusher is an absolutely gorgeous pink, it reminds me of NARS Orgasm, and the highlight isn’t too shimmering so can double up as a powder too.

My last cheek product now, is the The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer.

May Faves 11So many people hype over this highlighter and I understand why; it’s a perfect, sandy champagne coloured shimmer that looks really natural on the cheekbones and gives you the perfect highlight.

Next is the Spectrum Cosmetics C03 Tulip Powder Brush.

May Faves 15Spectrum is such an amazing makeup brush brand and I am so happy I discovered them. Their brushes are vegan and absolutely incredible.

This brush is my favourite out of them all; I use it for blush and to blend bronzer/soften contour and it’s just perfect. The domed peak is perfect for getting a slight angle and the softness is amazing for blending.

Next up is fake tan.

My first fake tan favourite of the month is the Madame La La Tan.

May Faves 22

This is a really great tan. It smells great, is in mousse formula, and gives you a lovely natural looking golden brown tan that naturally fades after a day or two. It’s available online or in Superdrug, and is a reasonably new brand, but they’ve definitely got the product down to a T and I absolutely love it.

The next fake tan I’ve been enjoying in May is an Irish brand called Baby B Browne and it’s their Self Tanning Lotion.

May Faves 17

I’d never heard of this brand before until they sent me some of their tan and I was thoroughly impressed. I don’t normally like lotions that much as I feel they’re a lot stickier and harder to apply and you can’t make it look as flawless as a mousse however I’m really enjoying this tan. It gives you a natural brown tan, feels moisturizing on yours skin and has a handy pump bottle which means there’s a lack of mess.

Finally finished with my beauty favourites and i’ve got a couple of random favourites to talk about now.

The first up is a piece of clothing from Missguided.

May Faves 16The weather all through May in England, and even now, is extremely intermittent. One minute it’s bright sunshine the next it’s grey and pouring with rain.

I bought this jumper in around February, but have been getting a lot of use out of it in May. It’s a cute little cropped, beige/taupe coloured jumper with a high neck and big front pocket.

Where the weather has been so up and down I’ve been pairing this with jeans or a high waisted skirt quite a lot and loving it.

Next, is a book that I’ve been loving throughout May.

May Faves 18A few months ago I started reading the Confessions Of A Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella.

I have been absolutely loving the series, Becky Bloomwood is the most lovable character and her shopping addiction reminds me so much of myself. The series is such a lighthearted read that has really cheered me up, and I think this is the fourth book in the series, so I’ve got lots more to go which I’m happy about!

I won’t bother telling you about the book or the series as I’m planning on doing a big blog post when I’ve read the entire series, and plus I don’t wanna spoil the books for you if you’re yet to read them!

Lastly, I have music, and there’s a few songs I’ve been especially loving during May.

May Faves 19

May Faves 20

May Faves 21

I’ve always loved Birdy and Charli XCX, but I’ve never been a big Drake fan so was surprised when I absolutely fell in love with his latest song. I know, I know, I’m such a sheep, but I love it!

Birdy’s latest song is a bit more dramatic, but the other two are really upbeat and make you want to dance, and now it’s Summer, I love an upbeat song!

So, that is all my favourites for this month. I hope you really enjoyed May and that lots of great things happened for you, and I’ll speak to you all soon!

All my love BGP xx