An Interview With Love Island’s Liana Van Riel

Liana Love IslandIf you’re as obsessed with Love Island as I am, then you’ll be so excited for the blog post I have for you today!

I interviewed the amazing Liana Van Riel who recently left the villa, to find out what she thinks of those left in, and what the villa was really like!

What made you want to go on Love Island?

I wanted to represent strippers out there and prove that we’re not all like the stereotypes! I also wanted to have fun and maybe meet someone too!

How was it being a new girl in the villa?

It was super exciting, I actually wasn’t nervous at all, I just wanted to get stuck in. Everyone was really welcoming and friendly which was surprising as I was told that it was a very tight group before I went in. Luckily I went in with Tina so it wasn’t daunting at all. It can be hard though when you have to try and break couples when everyone is already so clicky.

Who did you have your eye on when you went in?

Everyone thinks Terry but I actually had my eye on Alex! If I was still in there now I’d have my eye on Adam J.

Who do you think is playing the biggest game?

Currently Adam J, but I love how open he is. His lie detector test cracked me up!

If you could choose one couple to win, who would it be?

Nathan and Cara!

What was the most difficult part about being in the villa?

Not knowing what the public think about you and being so ill and run down the whole time, made me feel like crap!

You and Adam – was there anything there?

No no no no. Love him though!

So many women all over the country were rooting for you when you had it out with Adam after his disgraceful comments – do you feel you’re often misjudged?

Yeah, I’m always misjudged mainly because of my job and appearance but that’s why I went on the show in the first place, to change that view. I just wish people saw strippers for normal people rather than ‘just a stripper’.

What’s next for Liana?

It’s a secret!

Thank you so much for speaking to me Liana, and being such an amazing person to watch in the villa! I wish you all the luck in the world in finding someone special.

All my love BGP xx