Do You Want To Turn Your Blog Into An Income?

Brighton 1When I first started Brighton Girl Problems, nearly 3 years ago, I had no idea you could even make a penny from having a blog, or a social media platform with a fair few followers.

I worked at BGP for the first year and a half without earning a penny, because 1) I didn’t ever think I could get paid to do what I love and 2) The opportunity never arose.

And to be honest, even if now I still hadn’t gained one single penny from my blog and social media, I’d still be doing it because I love it and I love all my followers and readers, and it’s the one thing in my life I can 100% say I am proud of and adore doing.

I wanted to do this blog post for anyone with a blog who loves what they’re doing and wants to be able to do it as a job, or wants tips on how to generate an income from their hobby.

It’s not easy, I’ll tell you that for free! You will have to work for free for a long time, before you even see a trickle of money.

And if the only reason you’re creating a blog is to earn money, then I’d say give up now because money is a bonus, your blog should be something you’re passionate about and would do for free for the rest of your life.

There’s different ways bloggers earn money; one of the most simple ways is from traffic to your website. You can place Google ads on your site, so that when people visit your site, or click on an add, you’ll earn money. When I say money, I probably mean 1p for every 50 people that visit, probably even less. It’s miniscule amounts and not something you can rely on income wise.

The next is affiliate marketing; you share a link to a certain website or product, and if someone purchases something from your link, you’ll maybe get around 10-12% of the sale.

Another, is sponsored posts. This is something that I do few and far between, because reeling off a sponsored post here, there and everywhere just makes people think that nothing you say is true. I only ever accept sponsorships if I actually love the brand or product; a bit of money isn’t worth losing my readers trust in the long term.

To summarise sponsored posts, whether it be on a blog or social media, a brand pays you to post about their products or service pretty much. Legally you have to declare this, whether it’s written in the blog post, or you have #ad on a social media post. It is the law, so needs to be done!

These are pretty much the main ways I can think of that bloggers earn money from their blogs; of course many bloggers then go on to release books, products, etc, and earn their own income from that too which is amazing in it’s own right.

It’s not easy to make your passion turn into an income, but if you want it enough and are willing to put the hard work in, then it can happen!

All my love BGP xx