Wahaca Brighton Review

Wahaca 1Hi everyone!

Myself and my boyfriend visited Wahaca in Brighton yesterday for dinner and I thought I’d share the experience with you all!

It’s newly opened, well I think it’s been there for a few months so reasonably newly openedĀ – it’s where Strada used to be, on the corner, a huge restaurant space on North Street.

I was never really impressed by Strada – it’s a huge restaurant chain and I think the quality reflected the fact that as they’re so big, they didn’t really need to give out food of that great quality, so I only visited once or twice.

Las Iguanas is the only other Mexican restaurant that’s fairly big in Brighton, and it’s been there for absolutely yonks so Brighton was definitely due a big ol’ Mexican opening up.

Wahaca 12

So, we started off with cocktails.

Wahaca 2Wahaca 3I had a Passionfruit Margarita, and it was so yummy but bloody strong. I did really enjoy it but it was a Wednesday evening and it felt like the perfect drink for a Saturday night when I’d already had six cocktails, and was dancing on the table to Ja Rule, but maybe a bit tequila heavy for a Wednesday – though that’s not a bad thing, at least they put in generous measures.

My boyfriend had a Wahaca Colada which he said was lovely – I’m really not a Pina Colada fan at all so I didn’t try any.

We had some ‘Nibbles’ to begin with whilst we had our cocktails.

Wahaca 4Wahaca 5We had the Chorizo Topped Frijoles which was basically Chorizo Oil and black beans served with tortilla chips, and was so flavoursome and tasty. We also, of course, had Guacamole With Tortilla Chips. The guac was freshly made and sooo delicious!

Then, for our main food. We ordered lots of the small Street Food dishes, and my boyfriend also ordered a main dish alongside it, because, well…he’s greedy.

Wahaca 6This was the Devon Crab & MSC Shrimp; I’m not a crab fan so I didn’t try any of this but my boyfriend tells me it was one of his favourite dishes, and I did try some of the topping which was ahhhmazing.

Wahaca 7Another of the street food dishes was the Smoky Chicken & Avocado Tostada. This was so yummy, especially with the radish on top; it was the perfect amount of filling in the tostada, and with a lot of Mexican food I can feel really bloated with the ingredients, but with this the dressing of the chicken was really light and perfect as a small dish.

Wahaca 8Next was the Ancho Chicken Baja Tacos which contained marinated chicken thighs with jalapeno picked carrots, onions and chilli. These were probably my favourite side dish; they were spicy but the lighter habanero mayo cooled the spice down a bit, making them an absolute dream. They were literally like mini fajitas, so easy to eat and just delicious.

Wahaca 9The last side dish was the Grilled British Steak Tacos. These were beautiful, the steak was so tender and the guacamole, grilled cheese and garnish complimented each other so well. They were the perfect size and if you’re a steak lover I’d definitely recommend ordering these.

Wahaca 10The Chargrilled Ancho Chicken Burrito was the last savoury dish for the evening, and was basically a bigger version of the gorgeous Ancho Chicken dish we’d had earlier on.

And now, for my favourite part of the evening…

Wahaca 11Churros Y Chocolate; what can I say about these, except that I never wanted them to end? Mexican doughnuts with the most unreal chocolate sauce; I’ve never tasted anything like these beauties. I will be going back weekly just to have plates of these on their own. I’m struggling to find a way to describe them except perfect, soft, innamon crusted, rich chocolate pieces of heaven? Just order them. You won’t regret it.

All in all, a wonderful meal at Wahaca. I haven’t tried a new restaurant that I’ve absolutely loved for a while, but I’m really impressed with Wahaca. I’d recommend again and again, and it would be so nice to visit on a Saturday night and order lots of cocktails and eat amazing food.


All my love BGP xx



*Our meal was very kindly given to us for free by Wahaca, however this in NO WAY changed the review, and I would always be completely honest with you about how I feel. It was fab, and I’d of said the same even if I had paid for it myself*