My Biggest Beauty Mistakes

Beauty mistakesHi everyone!

So I started thinking the other day about all the many, big beauty mistakes I’ve made ever since I first started getting into makeup and hair and all the things in between.

There’s so many beauty mistakes that most teenage girls will make (well except nowadays when 13 year olds suddenly have great eyebrows and can contour. When I was 13 I wore orange foundation and white eyeshadow) – but there’s others that…well, that not so many make.

So yeah, I’m going to share with you the worst ones of all!

The Tanned Moles

So, I have two moles just above my boobs, and I noticed they seemed to be getting darker and darker, and I was getting a bit worried because if you notice your moles changing, you obviously need to get them checked out!

I ended up getting referred to a dermatologist at the hospital, who was a really old man who I think was Romanian. Anyway, he started inspecting my moles and asked if I wore fake tan, so I told him I did (obviously). Turns out the only reason they were getting darker was because my fake tan had basically got stuck to my moles. The appointment ended up with the dermatologist scrubbing at my chest with a wet wipe trying to get the fake tan off, and he was being so rough I genuinely thought my moles were going to be ripped off my chest. When he’d finally finished scrubbing after about 20 minutes, my moles were back to normal colour, however my chest was a deep shade of red from where he’d been practically sand-papering my skin off.

Life lesson girls; if you fake tan and think your moles are becoming darker, try and scrub at them for a bit before you’re humiliated by a dermatologist.

Home Bleaching

I’m sure a lot of you will have made a  major hair faux pas at home, and learnt from it.

I’d always been pretty good with only getting my hair done at a hairdresser, but my usual hairdresser was fully booked one day when I really needed my roots doing, so I researched home bleaching kits and found one with rave reviews, so I thought why not? I’m quite savvy when it comes to home treatments, I’ll be alright. Ohhhhh how wrong I was.

I bought all the necessary bits, followed the instructions word for word. However once everything had been done, bleach, toner…what I ended up with was a thick block of yellow at the top of my head, and then a thick block of white straight after, and then patches of yellow all throughout my hair like polka dots. It even turned a small part of my hair green. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was absolutely horrific.

I cried my eyes out and came out the bathroom and my boyfriends face was a picture. ‘It’s erm…it’s alright, maybe when you dry it, it’ll be better…’ was what he said. I was literally hysterical. Oh, and also because I’d stupidly done it all in the bath, some of the bleach had gone into the bath and I’d sat it on it, so my entire bum was burnt and so sore, I couldn’t sit down without being in excruciating pain for about a week!

Overplucking Dramas

We’ve all overplucked our eyebrows at some point in our lives; when I was about 13 I did a quick plucking jobby before dinner, however the lighting must not have been very good, or maybe I was just bloody stupid (probably the latter) and I plucked an entire CHUNK out of my eyebrow. Like, a whole chunk. I went down for dinner and my dad literally laughed in my face and asked what on God’s green earth I’d done to my face. It took a while to live that down.


At the other end of the spectrum, which most of us also went through in about 2011/2012, was overdrawing. God, did I overdraw. There was no sense of wanting my actual eyebrow hairs to be seen, it was just all about having two thick, black, waxy lines on your face. My TimeHop each day is a gentle reminder of my eyebrow woes.

School Makeup Days

It sickens me that nowadays, teenagers aren’t going to have ugly school photos that they look back upon and cringe. They will have perfect eyebrows, Naked 2 on their eyes, and be contoured and highlighted to perfection. When I was at school, I wore Natural Collection foundation which I swear only came in one colour, or maybe I just liked being really, really orange. My skin was drowned underneath a thick, orange, dry, cakey layer of muck, with a lovely neon pink slick of blusher, and pink or blue eyeshadow. Don’t get me wrong, I love bright eyeshadow nowadays, but that’s because it’s from Urban Decay or Makeup Geek, I have good eyeshadow brushes and know how to apply it. Back then, I just looked like I A) had conjunctivitis or B) had been attacked. Oh, good times.

So, those were my worst beauty mistakes.

What are yours? Let me know by tweeting me @btongirlprobs.

All my love BGP xx