How To Get Nearly £300 Worth Of Makeup For Just £3

Straffle 1 Straffle 2 Straffle 3Hi all!

I hope you’re all well.

Today I have a really exciting blog post for you all, as I’m sure you can all see by the title.

I just want to start off by saying this blog post is not sponsored, however I did get everything pictured above kindly sent to me by the lovely people at Straffle UK so that I can show you what they’re all about.

So, what is Straffle?

Straffle is a website that basically runs raffles. But not boring raffles, amazing raffles.

They offer everything from Makeup Packs (pictured above) to a car, a Mulberry handbag, a Sports pack for both men and women, and a tonne of other amazing ones.

You can get a raffle ticket for most of the raffles, including the Makeup Pack, for just £3. The best part is there are only 200 tickets available for each raffle, so your chances of winning are really increased.

You can also buy more than one ticket, and the more you buy, the cheaper they are.

Straffle do their raffles live on Facebook once 200 tickets are sold for each raffle, which means everything is genuine, and you can watch it live which is even more exciting. The winners are chosen completely randomly, each person who gets a ticket is signed a random number from between 1 and 200.

You buy a ticket, and then answer a really easy multiple choice question, and you’re entered! Also, you can get a refund on your ticket at any point before a raffle takes place as long as your ticket hasn’t been drawn.

It’s such a fantastic idea, and if you’re like me who never, ever, EVER wins anything, this is a great way to finally end your history of bad luck in competitions and raffles, because instead of being up against thousands of people, you’re only up against 199 others, or less if you get more tickets.

So yeah – I wanted to share this with you all as I think you’re all going to love it, especially the makeup pack!

Check out their website here to see what raffles are currently on offer, and to be in with a chance of winning yourself!

All my love BGP xx