St Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion

st-tropez-1Hi everyone!

I thought today I’d talk to you about a tanning product I’ve been using and loving recently.

Basically, I am one lazy bitch when it comes to my fake tanning routine. I fake tan multiple times a week, but I have to force myself to, because I always leave it until last thing at night and I’m just like urghhhhh I just want to sleep and not cover my body in sticky brown liquid and stand naked waiting to dry for ages.

Anyway, St Tropez brought out their In Shower Tanning Lotion quite a while back, and I’d never got round to trying it Finally, a few weeks ago, I decided that enough was enough, I am a beauty blogger (so technically getting it was for my work…I tell myself that anyway), and I desperately wanted to try it – so I did, and I’ve done a step by step guide and review blog post for you, to show you how is best to apply it, and what results you can expect! If you’re a lazy-fake-tanning-girl like me, then read on!

(Oh, and excuse my unpainted nails during this post…I’ve been giving them a breathe after years of acrylics and nail varnish)


st-tropez-4The first thing you need to do is get in the shower, and fully wash and cleanse, turn the shower off and apply the tan in circular motions all over your body (don’t dry yourself before this) and then leave it for 3 minutes.

st-tropez-6Then, after 3 minutes, get back into the shower and gently wash it off. By gently, I mean just don’t start scrubbing at it with a body puff, let the water wash the tan off you, and you can use your hands to lightly help if there’s certain bits that aren’t coming off with the water.

st-tropez-7Then, gently pat yourself dry.

By the way, that photo is like the side of my hip with my leg turned slightly, I realised upon editing this post that it kind of looks like a very pregnant belly – I can assure you it isn’t!

And that is literally it. You’re done. It takes a matter of minutes to do, and you get a lovely even golden tan at the end of it. It’s a gradual tan, so you’ll need to do it a few times to build it up, but it’s so easy it’s ridiculous, and it’s saved my life for Autumn and Winter. I don’t know about you but I hate fake tanning in Winter because it’s so cold and you’re just standing around naked for ages. Whereas with this, you stand for 3 minutes and then immediately get back into a nice warm shower and you’re done!

It’s available here if you want to give it a go yourself – I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Let me know how you get on with it by tweeting me @btongirlprobs and show me your results!

Speak soon.

All my love BGP xx