My Favourite Autumn & Winter Eyeshadow Palettes

eyeshadow-1Hi everyone and happy Saturday!

Yesterday was the first official day of Autumn, so therefore it was only right to share with you my current favourite eyeshadow palettes for Autumn and Winter.

Deep burgundies, burnt orange, copper, shimmery brown…the ultimate shadows to create the perfect Autumnal eye look.

These are my current 4 favourite palettes for creating eye looks at this time of year, and I’m going to share them with you all!


eyeshadow-3So let’s start with this beauty; the Morphe  35OS Shimmer Nature Glow Eyeshadow Palette (This is literally out of stock everywhere, but I have managed to find it available here

This palette alone would see you through the entire duration of the colder months and beyond as it’s so big; full of browns, nudes, coppers and oranges, it’s pigmented, and super long lasting even without using an eyeshadow primer. The shades are super bendable, especially the really glittery ones (you’ll be able to tell which ones I mean if you have the palette).

My Favourite Shade?

eyeshadow-4This deep copper seriously shimmery shade down in the bottom; it looks like you have a burning fire on your eyelids.

Next up, is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette (Again, sold out literally everywhere, but I’ve found it on one website, and it’s £10 cheaper than everywhere else for some reason. Available here

eyeshadow-5I fell in love with this palette the second I saw it; I managed to grab it on Cult Beauty when it first came out, however everytime it comes back in stock it sells out straight away and I understand why. The colours are just absolutely gorgeous; they’re so deep and luxurious, real jewel colours. Deep pinks, reds, and oranges, with some gorgeous base and shimmer shades. Highly pigmented, blends perfectly, full of shades that you can use for a daytime or evening look. It also comes with a brush, and not just one of those shit foam ones that most brands seem to give you, a proper eyeshadow brush, thank goodness.

My Favourite Shade?

eyeshadow-6Love Letter has to be my favourite shade. The most beautiful deep pink with red undertones, it looks absolutely amazing on the eyes. A few years ago if someone told me I’d be wearing pink eyeshadow I’d have laughed in their face, but this is just one of the most beautiful eyeshadows I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Next up, is a cult classic; the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette.


If you don’t have this palette yet (available here, you’ve probably heard a lot about it; it’s probably the most popular of all the Naked palettes and I understand why. It contains colours that are perfect for all skin tones, for beginners in makeup, or for more experienced makeup lovers. Perfect for daytime and evening. The colours are really pigmented, however I find there’s quite a lot of fallout with these so make sure you have a beauty blender at hand to get rid of any excess. The brown tones and copper/taupe shimmers make it an ideal Autumn/Winter palette.

My Favourite Shade?

eyeshadow-8Chopper is a rose gold shimmer shade, really pigmented, and looks beautiful on the eyes. Whenever I use this palette, I have to use Chopper; it’s too lovely to skip.

And lastly, a newer release, the Illamasqua Rose Gold Palette.

eyeshadow-9I ended up getting this palette because I recently got my makeup done at the Illamasqua stall in Selfridges, and could claim back the money for the makeover on a purchase, so I picked this gorgeous palette up (available here

This is probably one of the most beautiful palettes I own. The colours are just so deep, even the black at the end is so inky and amazing. The variety of colours, deep purples, pale pinks, a deep orange, rose gold shimmer, they mean you can create so many different looks.

They are extremely pigmented too; Illamasqua products are very dramatic and a lot of them are for makeup lovers who want to create daring looks, and so the palette reflects that in it’s quality.

I’d say this is my favourite palette of them all at the moment, and I’m so, so glad I purchased it.

My Favourite Shade?

eyeshadow-10This incredible orange/red shade is called Terra, and I adore it. I’ve seen a number of bloggers wearing it of all different eye colour and it brings out every single different colour. I can’t wait to wear this all over my lid with the deep black in the crease, I think it will look gorgeous.

So, that’s the end of the post! I hope you enjoyed it and it gave you some inspiration for Auutmn/Winter makeup looks.

Speak soon!

All my love BGP xx